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Most People Will Never Be Great on Facebook. Read Why.

This is the age of technology. Gone are the days when people would frequently use a limited form of communication like telephones to stay in the circulation. Nowadays, we tend to use various forms of social media for updates, and the most popular of all is Facebook. Naturally, we post our latest significant life events on the said platform. Often times, people quickly push the Facebook post button on a slightest or insignificant matter. At some point, we crave for friends and followers to like our post, but not all people are successful in making it big on Facebook. But why is it so? What does it take to be great anyway? Did you do something wrong that you barely get the likes from your FB friends or followers?


In this article, we will divulge the reasons why most people will never make it great for Facebook. Here’s why:

Creating a dummy account

Many people would like to separate business and personal life. This can also be true in creating multiple accounts. There are people who keep two Facebook accounts, one for business and one for personal use to avoid posting the wrong things on the Facebook Business Page that are meant for the personal account.

At some point, this confusion regarding posting things will affect the image of your brand.

Username used is not striking enough

In the case when you want to use Facebook as a promotional site or venue to sell products or do business, it is important to use a striking username or title. Otherwise, viewers will just pass by without a single effort to scan your page. A lot of people benefit from this platform. They become successful since a lot patronize their products and services after their posts. Also, try to gather Facebook reactions like Facebook haha or wow from your followers.

About section is incomplete

If you do not give enough details on this section like the necessary information and other pertinent facts, your viewers will tend to question your credibility. Having a complete profile will leave a good impression to the viewers. It is like establishing rapport.

Profile pictures are not recognizable

It would be easier to locate your page if you provide a recognizable picture. It also counts when the chosen photo is striking enough to get the viewers’ attention. People would not have a second thought of clicking the like button on your page.

Cover photos are not engaging

It is not enough that you just post anything on your Facebook page as your cover photo. Select something that would leave a mark. Most people fail to see the importance of having such an engaging cover photo. At times, they just focus on the aesthetic aspect of it. It is good to go beyond by considering the message that you would like to convey to your prospect viewers. Relevant and attractive photos will get you more Facebook haha, Facebook love, and other reactions.

Pictures are not congruent to the words

There is a saying, “Walk the Talk.” Having pictures and words congruent with each other is similar to the saying. Make sure that the words or content are well-represented by the pictures and vice versa. Otherwise, your viewers might get confused.

Posts are not creative enough

Most people find it easy to click the Facebook post button. At times, it might be helpful to stop for a while and try to figure out whether your post is relevant enough, or is it creative enough to catch the viewer’s attention. Creativity means words are well thought of and pictures are attractive enough.

Lack of promotional skills

If you are using Facebook for business, it is necessary to promote your page. If you have a website or email, it is best to add social media follow button. This strategy will help viewers easily connect with you on Facebook. Like in selling products, it will not penetrate into the market and become popular if the marketing strategy is weak. Promoting your page strategically and intensively will help it grow.

You might want to consider adding perks to your ads. This is a good way to attract more viewers or to win their loyalty. You can incorporate some games like a question and answer format, and whoever wins will get a prize like a discount voucher or some items. If you have a good network with some companies, it is best to tie up with them. Being salesy at the right time can do good for your page.

Lack of connection with viewers

People would likely be the content of just having a Facebook post button. This pertains to one-way communication. It might not be healthy since you would not build a relationship with your fans or viewers. Monitoring your interaction is a good strategy. It can be done by adding comments to your page and respond when necessary. You do not have to respond to every single comment, but make sure that you maintain interaction on a regular basis.


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