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Workspace app that Benefits you the most!

Have you ever wondered how the workspace app has been a proficiently helpful tool for every business? It is an ideal business management tool irrespective of whether users are on the road or working from their office area; it easily enables users to book meeting rooms and workspaces straightforwardly from their mobile devices. Experience a hassle-free service without urging between your calendar to fix a time that ultimately works for everyone.

You will wonder why workspace booking apps are so unique. Initially, it took place on a mobile platform with Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. And no less the population uses mobile phones from socializing online to surfing social media platforms and taking selfies. Everything by using apps. So creating an effective management app for a business is not a bad idea that will be profusely helpful and utilized on all mobile devices. Workspace app make it easier for users to be accessed by their guests. Only access to the internet is enough to book workspaces from their mobile device or computer. Users can download the Workspace app both on iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it can also use it with Google chrome For booking purposes and view workspaces.

Why you must opt for Workspace

  • More than one compelling reason why you must opt for this excellent workspace app. Firstly it holds the power to bring desktop booking and Proficient meeting applications to your hook.
  • Moreover, it effortlessly connects to both Android and iOS mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.
  • Workspace app is explicitly built for managers who find it challenging to discover a meeting room or for anyone who has to fix a meeting with their team. This app resolves the difficulty by making the meeting process easy and helps the team find the best Workspace for their needs.
  • Users can also search for accessible workspaces to find an expedient that perfectly matches their criteria or review color-coded floor strategies.
  • They can even explore to find and book a desk near their team

Exclusive features of the workspace app

One of the Workspace App’s unignorable features is that users can securely restore their access card number inside the application. So it eliminates the need to carry your access card all around everywhere you go. The digital access card is used for the spaces and roles that users have reserved.

Secondly, It’s a perfect renewal option. The Workspace app comprises the renewable feature that automatically gets renewed your access card once it has expired, generally after 3 to 5 years of its first use. It becomes excellently crucial for businesses to be prepared for any situation, so conditions right now, which requires employees to work remotely, a Workspace is an ideal option that offers instant access and an office environment with the one application.

Compelling attributes of Workspace app

1. Concurrent color-coded floor strategies help users determined accessibility at a glance

Office maps and floor plans effectively offer a visual representation of users’ works place and makes it convenient to discover meeting rooms. Moreover, users can determine accessibility via book Workspaces and color-coding directly on the floor plan. Users can quickly click the space they want to book on the floor plan and schedule away promptly. In this pandemic condition, it is a great solution for the organizers. It helps to impose social distancing by debilitating every other Workspace in the floor plan to avoid being reserved.

2. Simplify the booking process and determine workspace accessibility with QR code scanning

Workspace app facilitates the feature of adding QR codes to all resources like hot desks and meeting rooms inside your Microsoft Substructure. When users are in their office area, they can scan the QR code on a meeting room or desk with their mobile device to instantly discover its accessibility for books. Moreover, users do not need to mention all their bookings through the workspace app on their calendar. Therefore, including reservations on the calendar is completely optional. This feature is easy to use when they want to book a hard desk for the day but does not physically appear as if they will be busy with other activities for others who check their calendar.

3. Allows employees to book workspaces through their subsist office solution

It will be challenging for the employees to return to their office after adapting to this pandemic working from home. So to make this burning process easy, it is crucial to acquire a subsisting office solution to adopt new procedures and features which workspace applications will provide you by enabling booking onsite and Pre-booking through the app for QR code.

4. Prominent desktop sharing and mobile hard desk management solution

Pandemic has made the companies encourage Their employees from working remotely. In this situation, the Workspace becomes an optimal solution for hard desk management. It enables employees to easily find accessible hard desks and book shared desks from their mobile phone devices priorly. It comprises flexible meeting rooms and conference rooms at your office to give a fully collaborative and casual booking approach for an inferior formal work environment. With Workspace, you can conveniently find and book near your colleagues or team.

5. Integrate Workspace with resource central

By employing resource central, users can search for and book accessible hot desks and meeting rooms by locations through a meeting room booking system and filter straightforwardly through Microsoft Outlook, either when needed or in advance. Because users once book their reservations all those or automatically upgrade in the workspace app. Moreover, integrating workspace booking application with resource central enables users to conveniently manage meetings from the beginning to the end. It comprises some additional features that include booking of personalized catering and visitor management and other services.

Workspace app is an All-in-One option whether users are in charge of organizing meetings for their company or require an office space from time to time. This app is an ideal option making the process of the meetings easy by bringing All the employees into one work environment. So Workspace is highly concerned about the efficiency and convenience of the users in every aspect of the process.


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