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How to Market Your Business App Almost for Free?

Today, companies require marketing budgets as much as the cost of the whole manufacturing process. They pay media and marketing companies so much money that the MRP of the product could be many folds higher than the original manufacturing cost.


But, in today’s technologically advanced world, many ways have emerged to market your product almost for free of cost and having a really big impact compared to the high-budgeted marketing campaigns.

1. Social Media

This would be most vital prospect in marketing for free. Everyone is present on social media, including your prospective customer. Also, most social media sites are free to use. That is bliss. You don’t have to physically go door to door to each of your customer to sell your product. What’s more? Most of the time, people on the social media sites already have been categorized according to their likes and dislikes, thus you can specifically target only the people who have higher possibility of becoming your customer. Not so long ago, it took a considerable amount of money to gather contact information about prospects, filter them according to the people who are likely to buy your product. Today, you are getting it all for free.

To attract your customers on social media, stay highly active with posts, replies, messages and all the capabilities and options your social media site provides you to interact with your customers. From time to time, you can host online contests which will raise the awareness of your page or business app greatly. You can give away free gifts that will get you more likes, subscribers and followers. Also, to increase customer satisfaction, have a chosen customer every month, which gets some free stuff. This will keep the retention ratio high.

Thus, you can leverage social media very powerfully and to an extent that you can even solely depend on social media for marketing and see good results, if you chose so.

2. Content Marketing

Words, that’s what most search engines are after. And if your words are qualitative, they will promote you, for free.

If you chose to go for content marketing, write very good, qualitative and useful articles, PRs, eBooks, etc and put them on your website and then publish/submit them on articles/blogs/content submission sites and search engines. Whenever people will search for the keyword relevant to your content, your article/website will show up and thus, gives you one more lead for your product. If you are unsure how to create a website or a blog, here is a handy guide to help you out.

You only are required to focus on the quality of the content as people who read your article would judge your product from the content quality first. So, be very specific and qualitative in what you write.

3. SEO Optimization

SEO optimization comes after or during the content creation. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines relies on keywords and specific anchors basing on which they present the top links according to the searches.

Though, you can get a professional SEO optimization services, you can also do it yourself to some extent with good-enough results. Go online, search for do-it-yourself SEO and apply the insights on all of your content including articles and website content. Boom! Your articles and website hikes to far better positions on search engines.

4. Video Marketing

People are consuming videos a lot. And YouTube being the second most used search engine in the world proves that. Make tutorial, instructional or basic informative videos regarding to your business app and upload them to all the video sharing websites. People would like it, spread it and help you market your app for free. Gangnam Style is just an example of how much impact a video can have.

A high-quality video creation is not an easy task, but to create a video slideshow from the screenshots from your app is much easier. This can be done easily with Freemake Video Converter. Upload your images, select visual effects, music and the output format, for example, MP4 – the most common format. You can select the ‘encode video to my site” option and upload it to your site immediately. Videos are great not only for your website but also for video sharing sites. In Freemake software you can select the output format “To YouTube” and upload your file directly on your YouTube channel. Learn how to make free video slideshow with music:

5. Hyperlocal Marketing

Market your app locally. Be it participating in local events, seminars, newspapers or spreading the word through flyers and pamphlets, hyperlocal marketing generates a great local awareness.

6. Podcasts

Podcast informative articles, video, audio, informative pieces to podcast websites, radio, and other similar channels. The continuous and repetitive podcasts generate awareness of your product and could lead the prospects to your website or your physical location or directly contact you.

7. Trades and tie ups with other businesses

Trade or tie up with other businesses. For instance, cabs promote car-washing companies and in return get free car washes. Both gain something without spending anything. Try to find what type of businesses could tie up or trade in with your app and could promote your app for free.

Internet has bestowed us great capabilities. By leveraging them, you can run your business very nicely at minimum cost. Are you in need of developing a qualitative mobile app? Just call us.

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