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Don’t know how to improve your practical skills? Video Courses are your only choice

No one is born with a full set of practical skills needed for a job or day-to-day business. At some point in life, when a need for some expertise emerges, people often seek options how to obtain it. Today, one of the fastest and most effective ways to develop and improve practical skills such as writing, programming, design is online video courses.

They are a part of so-called active learning method. A recent study found that students who took active learning method were 1.5 times less likely to fail than students who used traditional lectures. This advantage of online video courses (and all video courses, for that matter) is provided by the three main benefits:

  • Promotion of knowledge retention. Video courses encourage the learners to break up the monotony of education and provide that needed variation in course material delivery. According to Brain Shark, Forrester Research estimated that only one minute of video equates to around 1.8 million written words. That’s huge!
  • Provision of self-paced learning. Everyone has their own style of learning that they would like to apply to educational courses. Video-based courses are winning here over traditional ones because the latter are known to pack tons of information into short sessions while video-based education breaks the information into digestible pieces. As the result, the learners can enjoy learning in their style, so their outcomes are better plus they experience less stress.
  • Convenience. This benefit is quite obvious: traditional courses require learners to visit lectures at a specified time and limit their opportunities to obtain information on the go. On the other hand, video-based courses are provided online, so the learners can watch them anytime they want, anywhere they go. This extreme accessibility of videos makes online courses very attractive to those who work and enjoy learning on the go.
  • Control. People who enroll in online courses have better control over their learning than the ones visiting the classroom. They can learn at specific productive times of the day, learn on the go, and postpone lessons when they are busy.

Let’s take a look at a few specific skills that you can improve with video courses.


Many educational institutions around the world offer writing courses for learners. Videos are an integral part of the education in this case because they are effective at explaining complex concepts, showing examples, and providing any information quickly and efficiently. The best online writing courses therefore use videos to explain the material, allow the students learn on the go, and provide them with interactive home assignments.

One of the most popular online learning platforms, Coursera, has tons of writing courses for those who wish to learn creative and academic writing. Even professional essay writing services use these courses to improve the skills of their employees because of their effectiveness and accessibility.


This is a very good skill to have today in the era of quickly-developing apps and games. You can obtain or improve your programming skills with video-based courses easily and have some fun in the process! These courses are popular on the Internet and are provided by reputable companies in online education, including Khan Academy and Coursera.

These courses are designed for everyone who wants to learn how to program and obtain more skills. And most of them are free!


Have a look at this Efficient Web Design Workflow preview from a popular online learning platform Lynda. The preview of the course and all lessons (located to the right from the transcript) are provided in the form of videos. Other education providers use the same method as well and we already know the reason for it: they are effective, engaging, and efficient.

Besides, design is something that you do not learn by writing, agree? It is much better to observe because design is a visual phenomenon that requires learners to understand the graphics and so on.

Public Speaking

Are you still afraid of public speaking? Well, video courses can help you to improve this skill as well! There are many of them available on the net and they provide the opportunity to learn models for preparing and delivering great public presentations. Videos are certainly the best way to go in this situation because they can show how to do it by giving you the examples of speeches and other practical information.

As the result, it becomes much easier for you to master the fundamentals of public speaking or push it to another level. Traditional education method cannot do that more efficiently!

Enroll, Watch, and Learn

Given that many of the online courses are free and available anywhere, you can start improving today. Videos will certainly be a great companion during the course because they provide self-paced learning, convenience, and improved knowledge retention.

Clearly, online video learning is not limited to design, writing, public speaking, and programming, so go out there and find the course that will help you! Do not get discouraged if you are in need of improving practical skills but have limited time to do it, help can be obtained only after a few clicks!


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