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Accessories to Become a Good Gamer

What if you are in a playground playing hockey as a goalkeeper (most energetic and difficult job) and suddenly you get that you don’t have a kit to go with this job? At that very moment, you will feel that game is pissing out of your hands because you are not with your situation demanding guns. Obviously, for ensuring your victory, a quick decision would be made and goalkeeper will equip himself with a hat, pads, and elbows to save goals and hope for the victorious day would meet you finally with a cheering victory. Same is with gaming peripherals to be a good gamer.

“The equipment a gamer has can make him more or less effective, and that might in turn make the difference between victory and defeat”. –Makeuseof

A mature gaming enthusiast promptly takes a sagacious decision to afford well designed heavy duty gaming credentials which may include following accessories;

  • Keyboard
  • Mice
  • Headsets
  • Graphics card

Gaming Keyboard

“If you are a gamer, you take your choice of keyboard seriously. When your keyboard doubles as your game controller, it’s more than just a tool for typing.”. PC-World

If you are playing a mission game like GTA Vice City and you are in a phase where have to get into the car for securing yourself from the police. For example, you drive rashly and from nowhere a car or other vehicle comes and you have an accident or you get out of your vehicle, violate the rule and hit pedestrians unknowingly. In such situations, police chase you. Surely, now on, one will have to pull the car’s window to take full control of his vehicle as quickly as he can. At that very moment first class keyboard, containing responsive keypads, is needed. Only such keyboard will make your gaming journey smooth and closer to the winning shots.

The best gaming keyboard will meet following features;

  • Mechanical
  • N-key rollover
  • Linear switches
  • Backlighting

Mechanical keyboard switches can greatly improve gaming performance. Regular keyboards only activate when you bottom out, but mechs activate near the middle of the keystroke. That can reduce lag and improve performance. N-key rollover means that every key, if you could press them all at once, would register simultaneously. Complex key combinations in games make that necessary. Linear switches beat tactile switches because they don’t interfere with rapid key presses. Finally, backlighting allows gamers to see their keyboard in dim rooms. If you’re interested in a better keyboard, take a look at GoMK’s list of the best mechanical keyboards.

Gaming Headsets

The gaming enthusiasts although enjoy the playing games but music doubles the enjoyment during gaming sessions. A careful selection of headsets will award following features;

  • Microphone
  • Staggering sound quality
  • Comfortability
  • Portability

Before purchasing a gaming headset make sure that if you wear this for longer gaming spells, it will not create any kind of inconvenience.

“If you play for many hours you need to be sure that the headset is non-intrusive  and comfortable. Although comfort is absolutely key in a gaming headset this is also a very individual matter of taste”. –Sennheiser

Gaming headset come with three distinct types as enlisted below;

  • In-Ear
  • On-Ear
  • Over-Ear

On-Ear and Over-Ear Headsets are similar in almost every aspect except the drivers. The On-Ear has 30-35mm but Over-Ear contains 45-50mm drivers. The On-Ear encloses the ear and doesn’t leave any space inside but on the other hand, Over-Ear evacuates a comprehensive expanse inside. In-Ear fits into ears completely.

Sound quality can’t be compromised by any means. A bassy music can be heard if drivers support. And of course, a noise canceling feature will cut you off from the surroundings and makes your hearings extraordinary.

Microphone utility keeps in contact with our buddies during games. We could have some chit-chats to them without disrupting our in-game movements.

“As gaming headsets are the most important gaming peripheral out there so you cannot pretermit anything regarding its sound quality or even surround sound quality”. –Gaming Headsets

Graphics Card

GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) play a backbone importance role to take our gaming experiences to wholly a new level. A competent gamer will obviously see following some features before ordering a gaming card;

  • Memory
  • Heat dissipation
  • Durability
  • Performance

“Above-mentioned all hallmarks are heavenly indispensable”.

Memory is a key factor which is demanded always at the first priority. The first question which a gamer asks for is, What is the memory of this GPU?. And yes, this is a very smart question, which connects someone to estimate its processing speed and supportability to any game.

Heat dissipation should have in mind before going for a GPU. Nowadays dual or triple fans, containing TwinFrozr V cooler technology are used. These fans don’t let a graphics unit to heat up. Through such device, a smooth gaming, Video or audio session can be enjoyed.

Somehow, graphics cards come in two different varieties like gaming-oriented cards and workstation-oriented cards.

“Graphics card come in one of two flavors: gaming-oriented cards and workstation-oriented cards. Gaming-oriented are optimized to deliver the best frame rates from games at the most realistic detail settings and the highest resolutions. Meanwhile, workstation card are designed for maximum stability and precision, and are specifically optimized for 3D rendering workloads”. By TomsHardware

Gaming Mice

As I mentioned earlier in this article that the gaming weapons are very much like Mice, Headsets, GPUs, and Keyboards. Each has its own worth in the era of gamings. But if I prioritize and create a numbered list of these gaming sensations, we would have such list;

  1. Graphics card
  2. Mice
  3. Keyboard
  4. Headset

Now a question arises why Mice come at number second? so here it is mostly we play RTS, FPS, MOBA, and RPG games, such games richly need gaming mice.

“One perfect click at the right time can award you a solid victory”.

Now another controversial debate that’s never gonna end is, whether one should go for laser or optical mouse?. I have a very simple answer to end this discussion and that is, just select the mouse putting away this conflict because there is no such advantage these two types of mice have over each other.


So that’s all from our side, we have covered every diminutive detail, carefully, regarding gaming accessories which can play a vital role in your gaming sessions. But if you guys have any issue or need any information or have additional knowledge with the concerned topic, you can inform us in the below-commenting section and we will be there to entertain any kind of queries.

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