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6 most intriguing car technology for 2017

Technology has had quite an impact on the auto industry in the past 10 years. Industry experts claim that this is just the beginning. We’ve seen cars drive themselves in 2016 and built-in infotainment systems that can predict anything from collisions to traffic jams. It’s safe to say that that we expect even more to happen in 2017. Should we expect upcoming models to be able to “talk” to traffic lights? Or maybe see diesel engines go extinct? Are electric vehicles going mainstream? To many people the auto industry is starting to sound like Sci-Fi due to existing technologies such as smart infrastructures, artificial intelligence, and V2X communication.  What will happen in 2017 ? Here are 6 intriguing car advances that will blow your mind.

Cars that can communicate with each other

Cadillac is planning on sweeping us our feet with its upcoming CTS sport sedans. According to the manufacturers, in 2017 cars will be able to communicate information with each other, and share details such as sudden braking, weather conditions, speed, accidents, and more. This technology is known as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), and next year it will finally go from prototype to fully integrated into a car’s system. V2V technology uses wireless technology and it is aimed at increasing awareness on the road, thus diminishing collision percentages.

A complete makeover for diesel-fueled cars

Both Mazda and Chevrolet will put America’s appetite for diesel-fueled SUVs and sedans to the test in 2017. Sales have gone down after Volkswagen’s emission-cheating scandal, and industry experts claim they don’t know exactly what will happen with diesel cars in 2017. Some say there will be a complete makeover happening; others, are not that positive. Mazda and Chevrolet are feeling positive. Their newest releases will feature excellent performance and fuel economy, which might appeal to future buyers in the US.

Driverless cars – no more prototypes

The future looks bright for Fiat Chrysler. They’re planning to take driverless cars to a whole new level. They’re planning to manufacture 100 driverless Chrysler Pacifica vehicles in 2017. All of them will be plug-in hybrid minivans and they’re part of Google’s autonomous vehicle development project. However, the cars are not meant for the public as they’re part of a test meant to assess the performance of these cars and the way they behave on the road.

Tesla might get a lot of competition for its electric vehicles

In 2017, experts claim that the demand for electric vehicles will increase, and that the technology will experience new developments. Chevrolet Bolt, for example, will have a new model released, which might be the most affordable and practical model on the market. Prices will start at $30,000, and it will be a very spacious hatchback. Main competitors are Ford Escape, Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata.

Faster charging

What do you think about hybrid cars that only cost with $500 more than conventional vehicles? What about shock absorbers with the ability to convert the energy generated into more miles per gallon? We might even see super fast heated seating & steering wheels go mainstream in 2017.

Electrically-powered axles

Is it possible for automakers to meet the increasing demand for fuel-economy standards and SUVs? It might be, as suppliers line up to market their newest invention – electrically powered axles. Volvo XC90, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and the BMW i8 already have these axles integrated. More manufacturers want them, including Mitsubishi and Polaris ranger axles, among others.

Including an e-axle in the rear of a front-wheel drive can visibly improve handling and performance while at the same time lowering cost and triggering less fuel consumption. A brand-new wave of advanced technologies that provide engineering benefits and offer buyers driving ease will materialize in 2017. Most of them will be readily available in convenient vehicles, as well as in hybrids.

2017 will be a big year for the auto industry. Car manufacturers are planning more convenient electric cars for its broad audience, and most of them want their new vehicles to have pioneering technology integrated. Soon enough, your brand new 911 Sport will have a hybrid engine placed next to the diesel, and while the design might remain the same, under the hood a broad range of new technologies will make your car run faster than ever.

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