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Some Eye-Popping Innovative Android Applications

Android app development company- A firm which has been unveiling the wonders of innovations. It seems like they have aimed to cover almost every aspect of human activities by providing user-friendly applications. Among various amazing inventions of Android there are a few that people might still not be aware of. These innovative applications highlight the excellence of the firm. Android has been successfully giving tough competition to all of its competitors and these applications enhance its brilliance. The list of such outstanding applications are gathered below:

Smart Phone lock

I know how difficult it gets to save your precious mobile phone from naughty kids, pranksters and nosy friends. But what if I told you that Android has developed an application that will ease down your struggle from securing your mobile phone. Smart Phone Lock is that application which changes your PIN code every minute. The best part is that you don’t even have to remember it. Its usage is simple, it changes the PIN corresponding to the current time.

Be My Eyes

Android Application development companies have been paying attention towards facilitating the disabled people. A new application called “Be My Eye” was developed shortly to enable blind people to get connected via video chats. This micro-volunteering application creates the connection with the assistance of volunteer helpers across the globe. Whenever any blind person needs help the volunteers contact them through live video chat and assist them with their problem instantly.


Picture shows how the volunteers guide blind people with everyday chores


For all those people who love to play with designing the interior of their house. Dekorate is the best app to go with. This app is designed to cater every need of its customer. Just enter the details and get best interior designs. Dekorate will fill your space with hyper-realistic 3D pictures and designs. Not only this, it will also provide you with the links of particular products to purchase. Seems like it is the best thing since sliced pan.


Next, most astonishingly innovative application is Photomath. Those days are gone when you have to type the whole complex equations of mathematics on search engines or skim large pages of your book for finding the right solution, as this outstanding application has hit the charts. Simply click the picture of your problem and see how it instantly solves it. The application provides easy solutions for the following:

  • Quadratic equations
  • Inequalities
  • Simple mathematic calculations


Solving mathematic equation by Photomath

Word Lens

The most powerful and famous application of Android is Word Lens. The application enables people to translate the text of any language. All you have to do is click a picture and it will translate the unrecognized language into your selected language. You don’t have to consult google translator as this application does not even require access to the internet. Just focus your camera and it will translate automatically.


Focus the words and get it translate via Word Lens


Did you ever think that one day a stranger will call you and ask to get up and start your day? Exciting as it seems so it is. This new application “Walkie” is a social alarm clock. When you set this alarm it connects you with any stranger across the globe for a minute call. That stranger calls you to wake you up.  It is a unique way to start your day. Android keep on introducing such beautiful surprises in our life. You don’t know who you will come across the other morning.

Thief Tracker

Android App Development has now introduced a sort of surveillance application. This application will surely make the life of mobile snatcher miserable. Download thief tracker and get relieved from the fear of getting your mobile snatched. You must be wondering how? The application is programmed to click a picture from the front camera of a person who fails to lock the mobile phone for the third time. That picture will automatically be sent to your email address. A picture of the thief is a big evidence to start the investigation.


The new application of Android is participating in the crazy trend of capturing the selfie. It is a struggle to pose with your friends and click the screen to capture without even fading your smile and shaking the arrangement. There is always something left behind in the urge of taking a perfect selfie. CamMe is designed to enable users to take effortless pictures and selfies. All you have to do is make a fist and raise your hand. It gives you three seconds to set yourself. Now pose beautifully and there you go, a flawless picture is clicked.


Picture shows a pretty girl posing for her selfie using CamMe


Now you don’t have to buy expensive baby monitoring devices as Android has introduced an application “Dormie” with the feature of monitoring the baby. Just download it and get relaxed because your baby is monitored every second. No matter where you are, go to this app and you can check your baby’s activities. This is one of the best innovative application as it completely changes the purpose of a mobile phone.


The baby is monitored via Dormie

Android is continuously progressing. It is developing amazing and innovative applications. The specialty of the company is that they not only focus on inventions but also on facilitating people by providing their effective applications on affordable price. Each one of the above-mentioned application has its own significance. They are user-friendly, creative and depicts professionalism. Only a mastermind can think of developing such applications and the team of Android is known to have the best specialist. So these were some of the recently developed applications which surely amuse each one of its users.


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