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Want to 3D Print Custom Jewelry? Meet Trove

If you can imagine, it can be built. That is the main premise behind 3D printing, one of the technologies causing the most impact on our world, in recent years. Having the ability of creating things from scratch on an electronic device like a computer, tablet or smartphone and, some minutes or hours later, having it there, with three dimensions and steadily built, seems something taken out of science fiction movies.

But not anymore, as 3D printing has taken some giant steps to soon become a somewhat mainstream and common thing. While we are not quite there yet, as printers are still somewhat expensive and many people cannot afford them, things are looking better, as overall prices are dropping and new materials are being used.

3D printing is a technology really helpful for many areas and fields, like medicine or engineering, but is also especially useful for the artistic world. With it, creators and designers can test in three dimensions what their creations look and feel like when made real.

With this in mind, a new service called Trove has brought this entire concept for the niche of custom jewelry. With Trove, anyone can make any design real, with any of the materials the service has available: metals like brass and copper, or precious metals like 14K gold and sterling silver.

Starting at $50, Trove’s service works by letting people create and print designs from scratch, or use (and edit, if that is the client’s wish) any of the preexisting designs available on the platform’s website. Then, Trove prints and sends a free try-on model, so that the client can see if the product fits before spending big bucks on the actual 3D printing.

All this makes Trove a useful service for several kinds of people who do not want to spend a lot of cash buying a 3D printer.

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