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What Are the Major Issues That Are Holding Electric Driving Back?

Electric cars have gained a serious number of points in terms of popularity among car drivers around the world in the last few years. The clear benefits that come with driving an electric car in terms of keeping the environment clean have attracted numerous fans into the club.

However, there are still certain issues, most of them psychological barriers that keep car fans still wondering whether this change might be the right move in the near future. Let’s see which of these issues are and whether they can be overcome so that the electric driving experience might become the newly preferred one around the world.

People Like Electric Cars But Still Wonder Whether to Make the Change or Not

Making a change in terms of vehicles is not one to be made overnight. Especially if we consider changing your old car with one that comes with new technology as is the case with electric automobiles. There are numerous benefits most of them are already aware of yet they cannot stop from wondering whether it is the right time to make such changes.


Financial Concerns

The good news is that electric cars can be cheaper than gas cars. Those who are into driving Porsche cars for example might not think this to be possible but it actually is if you are willing to make your research. The financial part is one of the most popular issues encountered by electric car manufacturers who often receive this answer when testing the market to see how car drivers have acquired the changes in the automobile technology area.

Due to the development of more models of electric cars with different ranges of features customers now have the chance to choose one to match their allocated budget for the new purchase. This should help solve the financial issue at least to some extent and help the world adapt to these changes. If you have Porsche cars you can easily make the change and enjoy the benefits of electric technology with a new car that will not necessarily cost you more than your previous powerful bolide.

Design Issues in Early Models

Another issue that seems to hold back the electric driving experience is represented by downsides in design in the case of early models of such vehicles. When the technology first started being used the focus was not necessarily on the design of the cars but rather on the new technological development. Those who pay high attention to the image of their cars still have those images in their mind. They do not seem to be convinced that an electric car could look as great as Porsche cars for example, a popular role model in terms of design among car drivers.

Changing their perception is not the easiest thing to do yet not impossible. If we were to analyze the newest models of electric cars that have reached the market in the last two years we would say that this is no longer an issue for sure. There are amazingly well-designed vehicles meant to look good and drive without causing pollution issues. Just wait to see the new model of electric Porsche cars they have in store for us next year. You may totally change your perception from this point of view.


Anticipated Lack of Charging Stations

Another important issue that has been brought to the attention of manufacturers in the case of electric cars is the anticipated worry for lack of charging stations. People around the world have been wondering whether it is actually possible for them to drive such a car without the constant worry of running out of batteries and not being able to recharge them wherever they are.

The important thing to mention at this stage is that although there have not been instantly created numerous charging stations for electric cars this is only a temporary problem. Actually it is one that has already been started to get solved. With the development of new models of electric cars the charging stations have started to appear and all gas providers will most probably include them in their business for obvious reasons.


The electric vehicle technology represents a great step forward for humanity. The fact that we can now find good looking cars that have similar power to current ones and which will be easier than ever to recharge can only mean good things for all of us. Let’s see whether people around the world will be able to overcome the psychological barriers regarding this new technology and embrace it. Issues are still palpable for sure but we hope for the best solutions to be found in the near future so that the electric driving experience might become the new thing for all of us.

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