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Why Gamers Succeed In Real Life Problem-Solving While Other People Don’t

There are many people who believe video games cultivate violent behavior and undeveloped thinking. Some even go as far as to call gaming an addiction. However, like most stereotypes, there is another side to the coin. And proof that gamers may be developing some essential life skills.

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  1. Perseverance

It’s common to assume gamers don’t participate in the typical “daily grind”. However, grinding is a term that was first adopted by gamers in response to the common phrase “the daily grind”.

Grinding means performing any activity that’s tedious and repetitive, but pushing through the motions anyway. There are various grind-centric games, such as Path of Exile and Marvel Heroes, which are not only entertaining, but also require persistence.

  1. 2. Community

It’s assumed gamers are introverts. But they actually make up an enormous community, one of friendship, support and socializing. “In America alone, over 150 million people play games. And 71 million people watch competitive gaming worldwide”.

Gamers are constantly connected, and their communities are incredibly diverse. People from around the world, of all races, ages and genders are gaming. And they’re fostering healthy relationships based on open communication.

  1. 3. Relaxation

Some believe that gamers have no reason to be stressed. They sit idle while playing games, however they too are human, and life’s problems escape no one. And the psychological benefits of playing video games can even help disorders like post traumatic stress disorder.

“American military researchers conducted testing with PTSD patients using a virtual reality game called Virtual Iraq. The treatment is exposure therapy. This leads to an increase of the patient’s ability to recognize and control their responses to traumatic stimulation. Of those tested, 50% experienced less flashbacks”.

  1. Creativity

While gaming seems repetitive and boring, there are many avid gamers who have highly intelligent and creative brains. Video games today bring real life scenarios to the screen, and gamers are immersed in world’s that require them to think outside the box.

Many games present challenges that force gamers to re-think how they conquer obstacles. Even teachers are using games to foster creative thinking. According to a recent survey, “55% of teachers use video games in the classroom, and many find these games to be an effective tool to motivate low-performing students”.

  1. Strategic Planning

Gamers are assumed to have one-track minds. They seem so zoned-in that it appears they are not active. However, puzzle and strategy games will never go out of style, and stimulate parts of the brain that work hard in organization.

Even “casual” gamers can appreciate games like Sudoku. And while some may think these games are “frying” our brains, they might be helping. “A UK study showed that certain video games help increase cognitive flexibility, or the ability to enhance strategic thinking and decision-making.

  1. Empathy

Video games usually seem void of real human emotion. But these days, more creators believe video games are art. The graphics alone distinguish various games as artwork, and talented professional artists are constantly recruited to the industry.

Art is the exploration of the human experience. And the emotional elements of storylines and narratives also exist in video games. Some of the most groundbreaking and revolutionary titles of the past five years, like Life Is Strange, make gamers a feel sympathetic to the characters universal experience.

  1. Multi-tasking

It’s assumed that gamers sit idle doing one thing. However, their minds are working in ways the eye can’t see. Multi-tasking might not always be the key to productivity, but it’s a necessary life skill that’s useful.

Researcher Daphne Bavalier found that “adults who played video games like Call of Duty were better able to deal with visual and auditory distractions simultaneously” (Binary Reveux). This can be essential for success in various work environments like office cubicles, production sets and and construction sites.

  1. Workflow

It’s a common misconception that avid gamers skimp on other areas of life. People think that gamers always fail at studying, and probably cheat and use essay-writing services. However, for many gamers that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Gamers can use the principles of video gaming to fine-tune their workflow, and to focus on their goals. They understand how to set time limits, are practiced at delegating work into different “levels”, and they appreciate the rewards.

Video games can motivate and inspire, as well as educate the mind. Even in life, sometimes you have to start at level 1 to reach the top. And just like in video games, you have to learn how to overcome obstacles with perseverance and intelligence to succeed.


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