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Technologies in Online Trading

Internet has changed nearly everything we do today, and financial trading is not an exception. Back in 90’s there were dozens of thousands of traders working in the pit daily, today there are roughly hundreds of people making large financial deals offline. Trading has gone offline and it is vastly bootstrapped with the help of modern technologies. Today we are going to take a look at a few interesting types of software that facilitate online trading.

Currency market

When it comes to financial trading, the first thing that rings a bell is Wall Street. Well, you will be surprised to learn that, but stock market is actually much smaller in terms of trading volume than the world’s largest market – Foreign Exchange. For years this market had only been open for institutional clients – banks, pension funds, large insurance companies and so on. However, over the last two decades it actually become the most accessible market for individual investors. And technology is the answer.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4

It all has started with the development of MetaTrader 4, a windows and web application that currently powers up more than 80% of the market. However, its popularity is slowly declining. During the last few years there have been quite a few new 3rd party terminals appearing on the market, you may click here to preview a full list of Forex trading platforms. Today the software for online currency trading can offer investors a full scope of services: manual trading, automated trading, social trading and much more than that.

Facebook for traders

While most of us use Facebook to keep in touch with the most recent updates from their friends, many people would actually like to keep their investment ideas in a closed circle. This is where TradingView comes handy. It is a great site that offers traders not only a comfortable way to view charts from their browsers, but also provides an amazing platform for analysis, ideas sharing, commentary and much more.



If you are just starting out with financial trading, it is a great place to learn as there are many seasoned professionals contributing to the site. Another great advantage of this site is that it is not focused on a single market, you may get useful information for online currency trading, stocks, bonds, futures and any other financial assets.

Investing from your mobile

Millennials are about to become the largest market and once this happens, it will trigger a completely new way the companies used to do marketing. Unlike baby boomers, millennials tend to spend most of their time on their smartphones and providing a comfortable way to invest from one’s iPhone can no longer be ignored. An US-based fintech company Robinhood offers stock trading completely free of charge. And guess what? It is only available on mobile devices. This application is already extremely popular in US and currently it is expanding to cover more countries, starting from Australia.

The final thought

Even though financial trading is now easily accessible online, the technology is still progressing. While it is already possible to access the world’s largest market with a deposit of only $100, get connected with thousands of likeminded traders and purchase a share of a company on a go, more developments are coming. Perhaps the most prospective field to look into is robo advisory – a niche which makes algo-trading available for everyone.

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