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How to Design Content for User Experiences or Links?

Designing content seems to be the easiest aspect of designing and promoting your website or ideas but truth is that it is different and it is hard! Creating content for Google and search engine that is also in sync with user experience is complex process. User experience and link building form a vital part of website designing. However, more than often they are underrated and overlooked. This article will describe how you can design content that is centered around user experience and helps in link building as well.

Content for User Experience

There are numerous techniques to visually entice browsers to your website but the hard part lies in turning them into a customer. The key to creating quality content is to know how a user reads and engages with your website, understanding the interaction and using the design theories and principals to create something trendy and outlining your ideas.

Users are prone to engage with any design in basic pattern where they scan the content until and unless they find the parts they are actually looking for. The reading pattern as notices takes on F shape and runs from left to right and top to bottom. This means:

  • The user firstly scans the horizontal lines across the top of screen
  • Then they scan through the vertical line on the left of the screen
  • When they find the desired content, they begin reading normally

This means the interaction between a user and design is based upon relevance and sensibility. Now that you have got a fair idea how they read through eyes, the vital step for content development and designing is to choose the right colors and labels to rule the traffic.

The key to great content for user experience is to use techniques that are appealing, functional and touches the user. Here is a list of some wonderful tools to create engaging content.

Content for Link Building

Creating valuable content that can be shared whenever possible is worth a possession for any online business. Non relevant, non informative and low standard content can be big blow to your website. To get high quality link building, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Relevance of content is the key, even if you are taking part in guest posts. Take part on posts that offer valuable content constantly. Invest your time and efforts in some influencer of the industry and enjoy the win win situation.
  • Keep patience with you as high quality link building might be time consuming and comes as a part of great efforts. The main challenge is to find the most reliable link building sources.
  • Guest postings, blogging and article submissions are still one of the most creative ways to achieve links from high authority domains. This is vital and also helps to create a diverse and beneficial back-link profile.

Though there is no dearth of ethical link building practices that are simple to carry out, guest blogging, forum posting and informative relevant content require attention and top the charts always! They not only help to create links but also start a relationship with industry experts and customers.


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