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4 Professional Tools to Help You Become a Business Pro

There a number of things you need to focus on so you can see your business grow. As a future business leader, you need to be able to handle with ease all sorts of different issues. These four, easy to use tools are all you need to have your bases covered, and help you become a business pro as quickly as possible.


Google Calendar Pro

Google Calendar is an absolutely vital tool, for anyone with an overwhelmingly busy schedule. There’s a free version of the app for individual users, but there’s also a professional version for businesses. Google Calendars are easy to share, and modify, so you know all of your teammates know their tasks. You can also attach small files to the notes, so everyone has access to all they need, and they know where to find it.

It’s easy to sync it up to Google Drive and Contacts. And since most everyone uses these apps, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It’s also relatively easy to sync Google Calendar with programs such as Outlook, though it may require a little bit of work. Still, the effort will be worth it.

Dropbox Business

Much like Google Calendar, Dropbox is also one of those apps you’re probably using but never thought about as a professional tool. Dropbox Business has all of the perks of the free version, but it also features unlimited storage space, granular permission, so you can control who has access to what, system alert so that you can keep an eye threats and many other admin tools.

Dropbox is an ideal data storage and sharing solution. As a pro-businessman, you can’t be expected to manually take care of company data and sharing. It would be impossible.

The great thing about choosing Dropbox to manage your data is that you can upgrade to the Business account any time you want. So, you don’t have to worry about making the investment until you’re truly ready for it.


Team management is one thing, and it’s definitely an essential aspect of being a business pro. But you also have to consider reaching out to your customers, and setting up shop. Otherwise, your business is never going to take off. When you start setting up your e-commerce site, you need to consider a few things. And one of these is the tool you’re going to use to build it.

Shopify is one of the most popular tools for creating online shops. The tool lets you customize your site, so you can be sure your online store reflects your unique brand. The tool also handles a wide variety of tasks, from marketing, to shipping. So, you can sit back and focus on your business plan, while Shopify does the rest.


Often times, people considering their future as pro-businessmen neglect one very important aspect of this position. And that’s constant training.

Whether or not you’ve had some higher education in the field you want to develop in, you should always make education a top priority, for both you and your teammates.

Acquiring great talent for your company is absolutely vital for success. But great talent doesn’t just come overnight.  On Coursera Business, there are a lot of options you can choose from, to keep your employees constantly up to date on the latest developments in their fields. It also helps you track their progress, so you can adjust your training programs and workshops accordingly.

And you can also take this opportunity to improve yourself as well. No matter how good you are in a given field, you can always get better. Plus, if you truly want to achieve success, you’re going to have to stay in the know at all times.

There’s no one perfect recipe for becoming a true business pro. But if you keep these four areas in check, you’re bound to achieve your goals in no time flat.

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