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What Kind of Car Alarm System Should I Buy

Installing an alarm on your car is the best way to keep it safe and protected. You’ll never again worry when you need to leave your car parked on the street or when you leave town on vacation. While you might think that all alarms are exactly the same, the best car alarm for you actually depends on factors like whether you want more control or how you feel about loud noises.

Do You Forget to Engage the Lock?

Many of the alarms that you see today come with a key fob that has a button on the front. You will need to press this button to engage the locks and alarm the system. If you forget to press that button, your alarm system won’t work.

Someone can break a window or jimmy your lock without you knowing it until you come back to your car. If you often forget to engage your system, you need a passive alarm system. This type of alarm will automatically turn on when you close and lock your doors.

Do You Want More Control?

While a passive system is good for some car owners, an active system is a better option for many. When you pay for the car alarm installation of an active system, the installer will provide you with a fob that works with your car’s system.

You can use the buttons on that fob to lock and unlock your doors from across the parking lock, pop your trunk and turn your alarm system on and off. With an active system, you must remember to press the right button to engage the system every time you step out of your car.

Are You Weary of Aftermarket Parts?

Some drivers worry about using aftermarket parts because they think that these parts aren’t as good as those made by the original manufacturer. If you want an alarm system that comes directly from that manufacturer, you need to choose an installation company that offers original engine manufacturer (OEM) parts.

While most modern cars come with alarm systems already installed, you can also pay for the installation of a brand new system designed to work with your exact make and model. While aftermarket systems work just as well as OEM systems do, some car enthusiasts prefer having officially licensed parts in their cars.

Do You Hate Loud Noises?

A traditional alarm system emits a loud beeping sound when the system detects someone trying to break into your car. This can result in some problems though. The system may recognize every bump and jolt as a sign of a break in, which can leave you dealing with your alarm going off frequently in the middle of the night.

If you lose your key fob, you’ll need to actually insert your key into the ignition and turn over the engine to turn off the system. New silent alarms detect problems and alert you via an app that you use on your phone or computer. The downside to these alarms is that your car may become a target for thieves because they think your car lacks an alarm.


Are You on a Budget?

When you’re on a budget and need a new security system, a car alarm installation expert might recommend an aftermarket system. The best thing about these systems is that they come in a wide range of prices to fit any budget.

You can pick up an affordable alarm for well under $200, but you can also create a custom system for a few thousand dollars. Custom systems often come with features like remote access and monitoring the vehicle for breaking glass.

Getting a new alarm keeps your car protected and may help you save money on your auto insurance too. The best car alarm depends on your needs and may include a custom aftermarket system, an OEM system, a silent alarm, passive alarm or active system.

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