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Xamarin Benefits for Business – Infographic

Developing an app can turn out to be a long and expensive process. This can bring delays to the operation processes of a business. Some can offer, though, hybrid development as a solution. Its performance and user experience leave much to be desired. It lacks in the access to the API features and UI design. Native development possesses excellent performance, full access to the APIs, but it is long in implementation and really expensive. So, where is a way out?

It lies in Xamarin development and Glorium Technologies are going to introduce you to it. The beauty of Xamarin lies in the fact that you need only one language to write code on it. And it is C#. Less code – less time-to-market. Up to 90% of non-interface code can be shared among the three platforms. Plus, you don’t need to hire three developers to a get a native app to iOS, Android, and Windows. One is enough.

With Xamarin Test Cloud, you can save time on quality assurance, as well. You don’t need several specialists to test almost the same code. Moreover, it interacts with an app in the same way your users will do (tapping, scrolling, etc.).
Xamarin Insights will provide you with real-time statistics on how your users interact with your app, what crashes influence which users. You can even set up triggers to track particular events.

To sum up, if you are looking for the way to get an app cheaper and faster, but still saving the quality of a native product, then Xamarin is an ideal solution for you.


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