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Five Simple Tips To Help You Host A Better Website

There’s a lot of stuff involved in making a professional-looking website. A clean, easily-navigable information architecture, social media integration, mobile-friendliness; that’s all stuff you already know about. What you might not know is this: even the smallest change can make a world of difference.

I’m talking about something as small as your color scheme or font choice. Subtle things; details that not every web developer or designer would even notice. If you don’t believe me, try applying these five tiny fixes to your own site, and see what it does for your viewership.

Spellcheck Is Your Friend

Let’s try a little experiment. I’m going to present you with two (nearly) identical pieces of copy. You decide for yourself which of the two you find more compelling.

At bobs burgers we serve really great burgers to satisfi an aptite of any size/. Yyou will love our tsty burgrs.

At Bob’s Burgers, we serve burgers to satisfy an appetite of any size. You’ll love our tasty burgers!

No contest, right? Now, the above examples are kind of extreme, but even a small error in spelling or grammar tends to make you look rather unprofessional. Run your site copy through a spell-checker before it goes live – or better yet, hire someone to write it for you.

Try A Logo

Does your brand have a logo yet? If not, it really should. Not only does emblazoning your website with a logo build trust in your brand, the design process might actually help you learn a thing or two about what you want from your site.

That’s because to design an effective logo, you need to understand the core of your brand – who you are, what you want to accomplish, who you want to serve, and how you want those people to feel about you. By designing a site around those ideas, you’ll better drive traffic and generate leads.

Use Space Strategically

We’ve all seen it – the dreaded wall of text; a leviathan barricade of meaningless words which inevitably causes us to tune out. You don’t want that on your site. White space is your friend here. A bit of space between paragraphs and images makes it far easier to digest.

Invest In Your Images

Posting some pictures of your products? Do yourself a favor, and hire a professional photographer instead of using the camera on your smartphone. It might cost a bit more in the short term, but having professionally photographed and edited images on your site goes a long way towards establishing professionalism.

Use The Right Font

You’d be surprised at the impact a font choice can have on how people feel about your site. Do a bit of research into how you want your brand to be portrayed, then choose a font accordingly. One thing, though: Comic Sans is always the wrong choice. Trust me.


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