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5 Daily Practices to Boost Employee Engagements

Employers can agree that employee engagement and retention is a complete priority for most businesses. Every company wants to attract and retain the best talent. However, many individuals in today’s modern job market gets bored after a year or two and may start  another job hunting for a new role and experience. This becomes a worry for most employers this day.

Being an employer, one must recognize that the potential of every individual extends to his/her job description. You must know your people, who they are and not what just they do. You must learn to acknowledge that beyond their work, they are unique individuals with different set of beliefs, capacities, talents and goals.

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Know that every interaction you have with your employees is an opportunity for you to strengthen her engagement towards you and your brand. Mainly, how leaders manage their employees may greatly affect in the level of engagements from employees. Below are five extremely helpful strategies to keep employee engagement flaming:

Make Sure to Know Their Stories

Make sure to take time to know your people. If opportunity allows, have a coffee break or grab some meal with them. Learn to ask questions that will enable you learn about their stories, know what’s important to them or what interest them outside work. This may give you helpful insights to become a better leader.

Help People Get Into Fitting Roles

Make sure to give people right roles that will fit the strengths and interests, and give the right degree of challenge. Now, when see you can’t give them the most right role that best fits them, consider some responsibilities or projects or responsibilities to assign them which may fit in their wiring.

Develop Positivity in the Workplace

Research found that individual surrounded with positivity were much healthier at impressively higher ratios. Make sure to provide affirmation and recognition, this will greatly boost positive emotions and employee engagement. Learn to develop habits of finding out ways to affirm and recognize the efforts of the people you lead.

Give Constructive Feedback

In giving feedbacks, have it in a constructive way. Always communicate in private and consider looking after your tone of voice and volume then begin with the thing you like about his/her work or character. After letting him/her know the positive things about him/her, tell the thing where he/she might need improvement. Remember that the way you give your feedback matters on how the person is going to take it.

Allow Independence

Whilst it is important to constantly monitor your people’s progress, it is also important that avoid engaging into “micro managing” unless they ask for particular assistance. Use guidelines rather than excessive rules and controls. Constantly remind your people that you are available if they have questions to ask or they need your help. This will encourage your people to obtain further experience and growth.

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