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How to prepare your car for a long drive

Long drives are exciting. They offer opportunities to discover new places and people while adding to life’s experiences. While some long drives can be impulsive, most are well planned. Whether it is impulsive or planned, it is essential to prepare your car for the upcoming journey. Even if you are someone who keeps your car tuned up regularly, it is necessary to prepare the vehicle for the long drive.

Experts differ on the extent of preparation. Here is a car care checklist, which covers the important points to help you embark on an enjoyable long drive:

Tune up the car – It is important to finetune the car before embarking on the journey. Make sure that the engine is in good condition. Car care experts say that you should give special attention to the levels of various fluids such as engine oil, brake oil, power steering fluid and the like before taking the car for a long drive. It would be wise to check the level of windshield washer fluid as well. Fill up anything below the optimal level. Make sure that the brakes are working properly. You should also check the battery, air filter and air conditioner to make sure they are working well. Look out for leaks and fix them.

Tyres – While preparing the car for a long drive, you should give special care to the condition of the tyres. Check out if they are properly inflated, suitable for the terrain and weather conditions. Make sure that the tread is not worn out. Do the same check for the spare tyre as well. If you need to replace the tyres, you can consider buying tyres online. All brands of tyres such as Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Maxxis tyres and many more can be bought online to suit your driving requirements.

Electricals – Check the electrical in particular. Make sure that the lights are working properly. This includes the lights inside the car, turn indicators, brake light, reverse light and daytime running lights. Make sure both low and high beams of the headlights are working. In case you are travelling to a foggy area, make sure the fog lights are working properly. Check and replace the horn if needed.


Supplies – It is important to carry essential equipments like tool kit and emergency kit in your car while going on a long drive. The tool kit would come handy if you need a roadside repair. Make sure it has jumper cable and jack. The emergency kit should contain first aid, water, some food, a flashlight, blanket and the like.


Extras – As most of the cars and people are technology oriented these days, it might not make much sense to carry a map while going on a long drive. Nevertheless, it is always prudent to carry a map and a fully charged cell phone while going on a long drive. Don’t forget to carry important documents like registration and insurance papers too.


Now that you have geared up the car for the long drive, strap your luggage, hop inside, play your favourite music and drive on!

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