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Published on October 4th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


Research And Planning Strategies To Design A New E-Commerce Website In 2020

When you are planning and designing a new website, you need to be thoughtful about how that site will look, how it will function, and what you are selling. You can work with marketers who will do much of the development for you, and you can create a shopping experience that is completely unique to your company. Read more to learn how you can turn your e-commerce site into a place that people want to shop in. Plus, you need to remember that you are building a site for your business. You do not need to copy anyone else.


Find An Agency

You can work with a website design and development agency that will do all the work for you. These companies will plan your site, plan the catalog, and even set up the physical e-commerce platform that you will use. There are a lot of things you need to add including how the products are presented, how they prices are shown, and how you will show variations of the same product. Plus, you need to get an agency to explain how you can update and maintain the site going forward. The agency will get you started on the right foot, and they will offer security and software updates as needed.

What Are You Selling?

If you are selling cars, your website will look completely different from a site that sells soap. Because of this, you need to remember that the site should match your products and your personality. Some companies are very serious, and they can build a serious website with a simple catalog. If your company has a fun or brash personality, you can build a catalog that feel like an adventure.


Navigating the site should be easy for your customers. When you are planning your site, you need to decide where to put the search bar, how many categories you want to have, and how you will display them. The site should have simple navigation buttons that allow customers to see all the information that they need to know, and you should try to put all the information for each product on one page. Making your customers click on several links just to read about a product is a waste of everyone’s time. Plus, customers will get frustrated and stop coming to the site.

Tagging And Marketing

You must ask your marketer how they would tag your products, tag your pictures, and market the products that are most popular. You can work with your marketer to buy ad space that is going to target the right people. You can build an ad program around a few products that sell well, and you can use SEO writing techniques that will make your product descriptions show up in web search results. Your website is going to get a lot more traffic if your products can be found through a simple web search. People who have never even heard of your company will be excited to find something you sell through a simple web search.

The Color Scheme

You should work with your marketer on a color scheme that matches your logo. You can use the colors from your logo to make your site much more attractive, and you can build a color scheme that will look good with graphics and animations. This is a good way to welcome the customer, and you can use a font that makes the contact, about us, and FAQ page easy to find. Having done all these things, your website will look beautiful, remain profitable, and attract customers.

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