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Warning Lights: What’s Your Car Telling You?

You can understand what your car is telling you with the help of warning lights. Each warning light in the instrument cluster is saying you something which should not be ignored. You should know which warning light needs immediate attention and which one can wait a bit longer.

  1. Oil Pressure Warning Light

If this comes on, you should shut off the engine as soon as you can. Insufficient oil pressure can cause serious damage. Separate oil pressure level warning light can be found in premium vehicles.

  1. Engine Temperature Warning

This light comes on when your engine gets dangerously hot. You should shut the car as soon as possible to avoid expensive damage. Loss of coolant can cause overheating.

  1. Charging System Malfunction

It indicates the problem with the charging system. If charging system has stopped working then your car battery will drain off and it can cause serious troubles.

Below infographic, created by Auto LED Shop, revolves around various types of warning lights.

Warning Lights What's Your Car Telling You


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