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5 Insightful Tips from a Mobile App Marketer

Marketing your mobile app without a strategy calls for a disaster. The concept that you build the app and the users will automatically download it is incorrect. This won’t happen even where there is a crowded market. If you look around, you will see app developers who are busy in releasing apps one after the other without getting feedback from the customers.


Over the years, mobile app marketers have learned quite a few things with hit and trial. If you are an app developer and looking for good tips to develop a successful app, you can seek expert advice and support from ace players like VeztekUSA. You can learn from their learnings, of which 5 most important ones are listed below.

  1. Quick Ways To Conduct Market Research

When you decide to build your app, you want to make sure that there exists enough demand for it. Because you will be investing a lot of time and money into building the app and you don’t want it to go in vain. Instead, you would want to fill a demand supply gap, a big one is desirable. So begin with some market research, you don’t want it to be complex. Below mentioned are some tips to a simple marketing research approach:

  • Approximate Market Size: is a tool that you can use to calculate the approximate volumes you can expect in the future. An overview of your competitor’s space can also be useful in this regard.
  • Be Different: Find a different way to approach unhappy users and try to satisfy them. For this you need to go to the app store and read reviews of the competition to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Also identify the loop holes where you could take advantage. This where an android app development company Los Angeles like ours can help you with their expertise.

You don’t need to spend much time on market research. Spending a couple of hours to compile the researched data will give you a good understanding of things and a better picture of how you should proceed.

  1. Feedback Is of Utmost Importance
  • Be Specific: If you are planning on targeting a niche with your idea of Mobile app development Los Angeles, start building up your idea around that specific target market and include relevant features.
  • Get Feedback: Don’t just focus on building and completing your mobile app and keep feedback for the end, take feedback several times as you go along. You can get feedback from your peers or your potential users. Open up about your ideas, there is a great chance that they will be able to provide you with great ideas which you can’t get through market research. Believe you me, you don’t want your first real feedback to come directly from the reviews of app store.
  • Build Interest From The Beginning: This is one feature that shows that a great app is in the making and can get millions of downloads when it is launched. Put up a landing page, it does not require the completed product and it shouldn’t necessarily be fancy. A landing page with a sign up form will be enough. Start collecting feedback from testers as well as potential users via emails and increase your engagement level. Why the engagement before the product is launched? Because if you launch your app and send emails to random people, they will have no idea who is it from and what does it mean. Hence, those emails will make their way to the junk folder. So keep your potential users in the loop all along and highlight the most excited ones as they are the ones that will become your die-hard fans once you launch the mobile app.
  1. Create A Minimal Viable Product

Mobile apps are simple products that are created for a specific purpose and they serve only that. So this signifies that you need to come up with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is in sync with your market research. This does not mean you create a buggy mobile app because eventually Apple will reject it and leave you with unwanted negative reviews. Your app should be simple yet refined. In addition to a great design, it should enhance the efficiency as well.

  1. Multiple Approach to User Acquisition

App Store Optimization (ASO) is significant, it helps the users to reach to you with ease within the mobile app stores. You cannot rely on one approach entirely and you don’t have the resources to make your way to the top of the charts. So what should you do? Approach the user base with a strategy that involves numerous channels such as social media, SEO, content marketing, forums and more. If you are planning on building an app for a niche market, make sure you grip and interest users with the content, right from the beginning so that they keep coming back for more and share it as well. Here’s a wonderful guide to write good app descriptions.

  1. The Right Pitch

Ok, so now you are done developing your app and you are excited about it. The issue is that journalists and bloggers are the ones that can get you media attention but they are highly solicited. You will not have more than a couple of minutes to impress them, that is how less of time they would take to decide if they want to know more about your product or not. So your pitch, the right pitch, will matter a lot.

  • The subject of your email should define the uniqueness of your app.
  • The body of your email should be composed of a short pitch, the price, the link to the app, a promo video and a few screenshots.
  • The email should also have links at the end through which the users can contact you.

Always ask for feedback even if your app is a work in progress, which to be practical, it always should be. You should never hesitate to ask for feedback.


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