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Activate revenues from inactive customers

The Winback is a part of the customer management solution offered by the mobile service providers. It focuses on the inactive mobile users bearing a goal to convert the about to churn or dormant customers into active users.

The winback suite is designed in a way that it exploits the historical and real-time transactional trends, uncovering the varied customer usage trends. It also applies predictive analytic models in order to accurately identify and arrest the decline in activity levels and behaviors tending to flight-risk. These insights extend actionable analytics to the marketers to decide and extend a “reactivation offer” eyeing to eventually win back into satisfied and spending customers.


The winback suite is considered as one of the most effective tools for churn management. It is outlined for the execution of proactive steps in order to retain the consumers who are likely to churn from a service provider. It helps recovering the customers who are almost lost as they can be a rich source of revenue. Winback offers a host of benefits to the mobile service providers, the major differentiators among them are:

Renew Revenue

  • Accurate information allows the marketers to proactively take actions in order to make positive interventions for prompt activity drop and increased revenues.
  • Increased success rate selling to existing customers than the prospective customers.
  • Improves customer retention span.

Save Cost

  • Saves high marketing prices to attain new customer for revenue generation.
  • Improved performance with better targeting, rationalizing the opex.
  • The mobile service providers save on reacquisition cost, which is estimated as five times as high as acquiring new customer.

Assured Reach

The winback suite assures a higher reach to the service providers. The system has been possessed with a unique capability of reaching out to the lapsed consumers- the faster an inactive user powers on the SIM, the better it assures conversion.


The revenues attained by the mobile operators are a collective function of numerous active users based on the services consumed by them on the network. The day-by-day growing competitions among the service providers have made them lose their exclusive customer loyalty. The customers tend to balance their wallet spend taking advantages of the best deals available over multiple networks in the market. At a particular point of time, this creates a segment of inactive customers, which need to be looked upon by solutions like winback.

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