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Accelerate marketing performance with contextual marketing

Revenue Plus can be described as a data-driven marketing tool that helps the marketers deliver a highly contextual form of marketing across various channels and on any kind of mobile device. The Revenue Plus suite enables the marketers to acquire, analyze and apply information in context of the consumer. This helps them to organize personalized real-time interactions in order to drive revenue upward and gain competitive advantage.

The mobile service providers require a persuasive customer engagement strategy stretching over the customer lifecycle- from acquisition to retention to re-activation. The Revenue Plus suite targets at customer value management, providing customized business solutions, trigger based marketing platform and expert marketing services to the service operators. All these are collectively capable of driving revenue growth and enhancing customers’ lifetime value.


The Revenue Plus suite comprises of:

Marketing Platform- Revenue plus is an analytics-driven marketing platform. By aggregating the subscriber usage data from various sources, the Revenue Plus equips the mobile operators with different tools to identify multiple service usage patterns and accordingly develop service strategies that enhance the customer lifetime value. The details thus received can be utilized in proactively targeting the customers with relevant promotions- optimizing usage and increasing ARPU.

Services- Revenue Plus allows the transfer of responsibilities related to operational usage and revenue enhancement to a trusted partner, which takes a pro-active approach towards the management of end-to-end usage along with retention operations.

Business Solutions- The business solutions from Revenue Plus aid the marketers to relevant yet quick decisions, extending a consolidated view of revenue trends, product performance, targets and deliverables along with various other attributes contributing to revenue generation.


For the mobile operators

  • Deeper understanding of consumers’ usage patterns
  • Higher ARPU
  • Rationalized marketing apex
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Increased campaign yield
  • Performance measurability to optimize offers accordingly

For the users

  • More personalized offers
  • Throughout enhanced value
  • Flexible options to choose from

For the Channel Partners

  • Attractive rewards
  • Instant online transaction validations
  • Hassle-free schemes
  • Rewards fulfillment on the fly
  • Commission or loyalty points earning opportunities
  • Higher inclination to increase business


Today’s competitive market forces tend to change the consumers’ expectations. This has eroded the traditional base of competitive advantage in the telecommunication sector. In order to maximize the average revenue per user, the mobile service operators are mandatory to meet the consumer expectations and ensure that the performed marketing activities deliver satisfactory returns. Thus, the Revenue Plus suite has been equipped with features that promise to deliver immediate returns on the efforts made by the marketers in order to enhance the marketing productivity and secure competitive advantage.

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