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Technographic – Do You Need Them?

As competition in the business landscape keeps increasing at a fast pace and newer marketing strategies make their way into the consumer’s space, expectations of the consumers also seem to skyrocket at the same pace. Such expectations not only come in the form of quality products but also in terms of customer service and relations.

It is these dynamic expectations from the customer’s end and sales requirements of the companies that are addressed through technographics. Much like any other form of individual data, technographics is a unique attribute of every consumer that certifies his/her technological inclination. Companies collect the information about the hardware and software used by individuals to understand the marketing strategies that are highly likely to call them into action. Since it does not involve the collection of personal data of an individual (like name, address, location etc.), processing the technographic information from varied sources is an acceptable practice. Here are a few ways through which businesses can benefit from the interpretation of technographic data:

  • Identify High-Potential Prospects and Interested Clients

Technographic data can be specifically helpful to B2B marketers, for it allows them to create a filmographic profile of prospects with their vulnerabilities. They can understand the prospects’ drive for growth, productivity scale, customer interaction methods, etc. When technographic data is interpreted for finding the particular technology stack employed by businesses or individuals in their daily life, automation and software businesses can understand the customer base that is likely to take interest in their product.

  • Saving Up Capital Wasted in Poor Marketing Strategy

Account-based Marketing is not a new notion in the contemporary business world. But the innovations introduced to its strategies through technographic is probably the most spirited debate of the time. After the accumulation of businesses in the mass media space, B2B marketing strategies relying on media-powered campaigns have failed miserably. Prospective customers are not amazed at the offer made through a platform that addresses every individual equally. By using technographic data in ABM systems, companies can pinpoint individuals or businesses that specifically matter to its supply and can address them personally. Such an audience is sure to oblige the prospects into considering one’s products.

  • Ease of Striking a Personalized Relationships

A major part of customer service involves understanding the concerns, apprehensions, and needs of the clients and prospective customers. Having a personalized relationship with the target audience has been a consistent tool for many companies to achieve sales goals and increase its customer base. With technographic data, companies can understand its potential clients prior to the very first communication, in terms of his/her technological awareness and interest. The same knowledge can help companies identify the best medium through which prospects can be contacted. The increased interpersonal understanding in company-prospect relationships is mutually benefiting and promising for both parties.

  • Hassle-Free Tracking of ROI

The return on Investment was a tiresome and demotivating task after the initiation of a marketing strategy, due to its ambiguity. There was no accountability to verify the exact number of prospects that have been converted into customers and the precise sum of money that has been earned in profit. However, with technographic data in hand, companies can target a particular audience and reduce the amount of information that must be scampered to calculate ROI. Lesser variables mean lesser leads to follow, while targeted action ensures that most of these leads are converted.

Learning to interpret technographic data to use it in one’s favor is a long process, which is marred by risks of miscalculations. But, once acquired, the skill of technographic data interpretation can benefit companies in many ways. After all, for a data-informed company, no business peak is high enough to be unreachable!

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