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8 Absolutely Mind-Blowing iPhone & Android Apps For Selfies!

Selfies are so in fashion these days that almost everyone is taking selfies and uploading them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do you also feel like taking an outstanding selfie? Do you have the correct app that can help you take a good selfie? Well, there are like thousands of selfie apps available in the iPhone and Android App store but how to know which ones are the best apps among the rest? Worry no more. Check out the following list of iPhone and Android apps that not only takes extremely fabulous selfies but also fix the pictures to perfection:

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iPhone Apps For Selfies

  1. Free Selfie Enhancer

Become a professional Instagram photographer using just your phone with the Selfie Enhancer. It is a free iPhone app for taking great selfies. It enhances the selfies in just a few seconds and offers tons of frames to add to the pictures. It also removes red eye and blemishes and adjusts brightness. Selfie Enhancer supports many international languages as well.

  1. Front Flash- Selfies In The Dark

You can now take selfies in the dark at just the price of 0.99$. This app creates an extra-ordinary virtual flash while taking the picture. You can tap anywhere to take selfies and share them with your family and friends. It is the perfect apps for taking selfies using front camera in low-light.

  1. Selfie Cam: Take Perfect Selfies Every Time

Not only does this app come free of cost, but it also adds the amazing feature of adding captions and overlays to your selfies. By using the face detection technology, this app snaps, decorates, edits and shares the most amazing selfies. Choose from the variety of hipster stickers, photography tools and frames to make your selfie look trendier! You can also share your pictures on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Selfie Timer

Doesn’t it feel awkward to reach for that button while taking a selfie? Selfie Timer is a free app that allows you to set the timer accordingly while you make the perfect pose. It not only offers 5 and 10 seconds on the self-timer countdown but it also gives you up to 60 seconds to let you decide the right pose for the selfie. You can also add accessories, text, filters and borders to your absolutely blur-free pictures and selfies.

Android Apps For Selfies

  1. Selfie Camera App

Unlike other photo apps that start with the back or rear-facing camera, the Selfie Camera App saves you the hassle of switching and starts with the front camera. This free app does nothing but take selfies in extremely simple manner. It lets you share your selfies on Email, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Text message and Twitter.

  1. YouCam Perfect- Selfie Cam

This free app is perfect for taking selfies and enhancing the beauty of the picture right away. With tons of features and tools offered by this app, you can now edit your tired looking eyes, add filters, reshape your nose, remove the skin wrinkles, give perfection to the full body portraits and adjust the skin tone, and what not. It offers the option of using back and front cameras with flash, timer and various capture mode options. This is a must-try app for the selfie lovers!

  1. Candy Camera- Selfie Selfies

Now you can take unlimited selfies more conveniently with this free app. You can add more than 100 unique filters to all the pictures and ajust the resolution, contrast, brightness and saturation in just a few seconds. This app adds sensibility to the selfies with extremely wonderful light effects. It also allows you to beautify the pictures with one-touch beauty functions and artistic frames and stickers.

  1. Frontback

This is one unique and free selfie app that is available both for the iPhone and Android users. Not only does it take brilliant selfies with the front camera, but it also takes one with the front camera and shares both the images in just a single image. It allows you to write captions and add your location with the pictures. Share your pictures instantly and easily on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, SMS, Email, and more.


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