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9 Surprisingly Effective Ways of Facebook Promotion

Promoting your product, service, identity, cause, advocacy, or idea is made more possible with the advent of powerful social media platforms like Facebook. That is why the need to make Facebook management better is becoming more and more important. If you are having a difficult time to manage your Facebook page, here are 9 tips you can keep in mind in order to start working your way up.


  1. Tap your natural market
    If you are still a startup company or if you are single-handedly leading your Facebook page management campaign, the initial step you can readily take is to tap your friends and relative, and tell them about your page. Invite them to check your page out, and they will even support you by inviting the other users outside your circle. Do the first move, and start your social media stride.
  2. Post engaging contents
    After having acquired fans through your natural market and other mutual connections, start conceptualizing a good reservoir of engaging posts. Posts must be engaging in a way that users are compelled to comment, like, or share it. These posts are usually shocking, trending, informative, amusing, viral, and so on. Something that can arouse the emotions of the people can be engaging itself. You can get more fans and more advocates if you start by securing good contents to post.
  3. Regularly update your contents
    If you have successfully won the interest of the people through your successive engaging posts, this will create traction and they will start to generally think that all your posts are worth checking out. It will eventually come to a point that they will no longer wait for your posts to be seen on their newsfeed, they will then manually type your page name on the search box and check out what’s new on your page. In order to avoid driving the momentum down, you have to feed them regularly posts that are consistently engaging. In order to figure out the most ideal posting frequency, you can use the tools that are designed for this. You can also use other tools that enable you to schedule you posts ahead for them to automatically buffer. You won’t need manual posting any longer. Facebook page management becomes easier then.
  4. Be creative and launch contests and other perks
    You can attract your audience’s attention all the more by launching some perks that can give the users rewards. You can organize contests that give a positive reinforcement to the top sharer or the image that has the most likes. This way, you can spread your page’s existence better and you can keep your existing fans to become even more loyal.  This is one way to manage your Facebook page creatively.
  5. Find ways to generate more leads
    Leads are important so that you can proceed to other forms of online advertising like email marketing. Find a way to obtain the email information of the users from Facebook. This can be in the form of giving them free downloads, big discounts, exclusive offers, freebies, and other perks.
  6. Use Facebook Adverts
    Facebook adverts are designed to make your digital advertising way simpler through the enticing features it has. You can easily target your prospect market here by filtering the viewers of your ads according to their location, age, gender, language, etc. This is certainly a good way to manage your Facebook page effectively and make your advertising extra instant.
  7. Assess your Facebook management performance
    After having kick started your Facebook advertising, check if your Facebook page management has been well done. Use Facebook’s Insights to monitor your progress and activities. Check how much conversations, discussions, and engagements your page has had.
  8. Assess using revenue-based metrics
    Apart from checking how many visitors your site had, or how many likes, comments, and shares you’ve obtained, or how many new fans you’ve acquired, prepare other metrics that show how your campaign has boosted your sales. This way, you can know explicitly which tactics are sales-generating. This is another scope which can lead you close to your tangible success.
  9. Use social media tools
    If you want to ease the entire Facebook management process, you can do so by looking for the best tools you can employ to make page management even easier. There are a lot of benefits these tools can bring in all aspects of your campaign—from scheduling, posting, notifying, content making, messaging, etc. So, check them out and make your Facebook page management easier than ever.


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