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Reveal, a New Social Network That Values Users

Imagine a social network where users are put first, so much that they even get to play a role on the social network’s fate and transactions. With the examples set by Facebook, Google Plus and the other giants, that is surely hard to imagine but, thanks to a shiny new social network, it is now a reality.

Reveal, as this social network is called, is just being launched and represents a complete novelty in the world of social networks. It is based on a “Ask Me Anything” model, where users get to ask each other questions and reply to them using short videos or pictures. This is, according to Reveal’s team, one of the best ways to really get to know someone.

Being developed for users, Reveal got to benefit from the experience of a couple Internet personalities that, during the Beta phase of Reveal’s development, helped shaping the social network to come in contact to the features that users most want to see on a social network.

But Reveal brings yet more innovation to the social network market, as well as the whole Internet: Reveal has its own (crypto)currency, named Reveal Coin (RVL), that will be the one and only currency used on all transactions related to the social network.

For example, anyone wanting to place an add on Reveal will have to use its currency, meaning that it has to be bought from the users or from Reveal itself. Users will possess Reveal Coin through several different channels, such as the likes they receive in the content they post on Reveal, inviting contacts to join and, for everyone joining during the first year, there is a bonus of 1,000 RVL, that can be stored in the free digital wallet that every user will receive.

So, there you have it – even in a market dominated by giants like Facebook or Google Plus, it is possible to innovate and put users in the first place. If you want to give Reveal a try, download the iOS app now for free. Android users will have to wait, as the app is still under development – be sure to signup for the waiting list.

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