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4 Must-Know Techniques to Avoid Scam While Studying Online

In today’s tech, driven word students are using online platforms to learn in a proactive manner. Unfortunately, there are many hackers as well as scammers are engaged over the World Wide Web to cheat users. These scammers and hackers not only steal the valuable information of the user (like IP address, credit card details, user identification) but also misuse it in illegal activities. Therefore it is crucial for teenagers to learn some techniques that will protect them from scammers and hackers while studying. Check out the four techniques shared below to learn in a hassle free manner.


Beware Of Fake Online Diploma/Degree Mills

From the New York Times recently published story, it’s come to know that many fraudulent mills are cheating students with fake online msn np degrees. If you’re also planning to earn an online accelerated degree or diploma, then you must visit their office and learn about their credibility via your network before paying a single penny.  Otherwise you will not only ruin your hard earned money but also ruin your career with fake degree/diploma.

Never Reply To Scam Emails

Nowadays very often we receive many emails that ask any amount of money or click any attachment or link. These emails are scams and created by the hackers to steal the valuable information as well as money of account user. Beware of these kinds of fraudulent emails and of course never open them as they contain viruses that will slow down your system. Mistakenly if you have opened any scam email and provided your personal information then you should connect to concern departments like cyber police to tackle the situation.

Secure Your Password

The very imperative step that you will need to take to be protected is to secure your password. Don’t open up your account on other devices and never allow them to remember your password (in case you login from friend’s device). Moreover keep in mind to upgrade your password on a regular interval to reduce the chances of hacking. Make sure to create a password that contains numerical values as well as upper and lower case alphabets.

Report Scam

If you have been become a victim of any online scam, ensure to report it to cybercrime cell or concerned authorities as a good citizen. This is because if you will ignore it, then you will strengthen the scammer to commit more crimes confidently. Thus break the network of scammers and make internet a secure platform for everyone by reporting scam or any activity that can harm anyone.


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