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Published on April 24th, 2015 | by Guest


7 Benefits of Switching to VoIP

Many small and medium enterprises are making the jump from traditional phone systems over to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and it comes as little surprise to many of us.  We’re a big fan of VoIP phone services and here are 7 reasons why we think you should be too:


Find Me/Follow Me

Popular amongst users who are regular on the move, the find me/follow me call routing option allows you to create a list of numbers where you can be found before the incoming call gets sent to voicemail.

For example, the first two rings of an inbound call could be to your office phone, the next two to your home phone and then to your mobile phone before the caller is sent to voicemail.  They are only sent to your voicemail once your list has been exhausted and there has been no answer.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

After a voicemail has been left on your phone, the voicemail to email transcription does exactly what it says – transcribes and sends your voicemail messages as texts them your chosen email address.


Conferencing on VoIP phones has a number of additional features to your standard phone.  This includes the options to mute individuals.  It is easy to setup a conference call with VoIP.

Call Screening

If there’s an incoming caller ID that you don’t wish to answer there is a tool for that.  Call screening allows you to forward phone calls to your mobile phone, or simply disconnect them.

Detailed Inbound/Outbound Call Reports

Your VoIP provider is likely to be able to provide you with details on your company’s call history.  This can often include destination, duration and cost.

Secret Listening

One option on a VoIP phone is the option to ‘Barge’ calls.  This means you can listen into a conversation without your colleague or the client being able to hear you or know that you’re listening.  This could be useful from a training point of view, as could the ‘Whisper’ option which is where you can talk down the phone to one of your employees who is on the phone, but only they can hear you and not the client who is on the other end of the phone.

Do Not Disturb

We finish this feature with another popular option on VoIP.  The ‘do not disturb’ option allows you to temporarily stop incoming calls – useful when you’re in meetings or on lunch etc.  Instead of the caller being ignored, they can be directed to your voicemail or even diverted to a colleague.

If your small or medium business is interested in cost-cutting whilst looking to upgrade their business telephone system in the process, we recommend considering VoIP.  You can find out more information by contacting Network Telecom today on 0800 097 6543 or visiting their website.

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