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Take Messaging to a New Level With QUICKIE

In case you are an avid reader of TechnoFAQ, you might think that this is a mistake and we are reviewing the same app twice – but, in fact, we are not. Quickie has previously been reviewed here, but today we are bringing QUICKIE, an entirely different app.

Despite being different apps, they are very similar in one aspect, other than the obvious similarity of being messaging apps: they were both developed with privacy in mind, even though they use different mechanisms to do so.

Messages sent through QUICKIE have an expiration period, which means that, when that period passes, the messages are erased to never be recovered again. This ensures that the privacy of the people intervening in the conversation is kept, while emulating one of the basic aspects of conversations in real life: when things are said, they cannot be recovered.

QUICKIE is a very simple app that allows users to send messages in different ways, like texts, audio, drawings and even GIFs captured by the phone’s camera. All this culminates in conversations that go by in a fast and smooth way, even if using different channels, like texting and drawing.

This is an app that, much like Snapchat, can appeal to the teens, as they crave apps that do not keep track of everything they have said or received. Just as happens with the other Quickie app, if you see a QUICKIE message it then disappears for good. If you do not see a given message within 24 hours, it will be deleted as well.

Available as a free download both for iOS and Android, QUICKIE only allow users to add up to eight contacts to the app – a limitation that can be raised with the premium plan, priced at $1 per year. Apps specifically designed for Apple Watch and Android Wear are on the works, so we should expect news soon.

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