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Meet Quickie, the Messaging App That Respects Your Privacy

Privacy has been a concern for a long time, but since the NSA/Snowden scandal, it went over the roof and (rightfully so) took a whole new and huge dimension. Along the way, other news started to surface, reporting that other services like Facebook or Gmail were also snooping through users’ personal and private information.

With the rise of smartphones, that same concern has been transported to messages and messaging apps – if online services are looking at personal emails and conversations, they can as well be snooping into people’s messages.

There are a number of private messaging apps available, but none is as innovative as Quickie. This new messaging app works by sending messages as if they were push notifications and, while this may not seem much, it really is – especially in terms of privacy and security.


As the messages are not stored in any servers nor in the phone of the sender or receiver, that message will only live for as long as the notification lives. Given that the notification is wiped after it is read or, if it is not, it is deleted after 24 hours, there is virtually no way of keeping messages.

You may think that a screenshot would solve the issue, but the thing is that it does not, as the notification disappears before the user can take a screenshot. So, considering this, there only two ways of keeping messages sent through Quickie: remembering them or photographing with another phone or camera.

Even though it is only available, at the moment, for iOS, Quickie has the potential to become a must-go app, especially for users concerned with their privacy, as well as for people looking for a sense of something ephemeral.

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