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Whiteboards are not Dead: 2 Innovations You Should Know

Even though whiteboards have been around for a long time, mostly in schools and meeting rooms from offices, the truth is that its evolution has been almost nonexistent. This is somewhat strange, given that other technologies, like the ones related to projectors and computers, have evolved a lot.

Still, there are some exceptions in this field. Some companies are set to take things further, whiteboards included. In this article, two of these improvements will be covered.



As the name immediately suggests, Smartmarker is a smarter way of writing on whiteboards. Its best feature is the ability to stream what is being written on the spot, to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer – not just for people in the room, but also to anywhere in the world using the Internet.

It makes any whiteboard smart, working with several different kinds (for example, it will work with the second product mentioned below in this article), which means that it can be taken anywhere. It has a battery life enough for one week of regular use, or eight hours of intensive use.

Magic Whiteboard


If you are a fan of the TV from the United Kingdom, then there is a possibility that you know Magic Whiteboard – its creators participated in the 2008 edition of Dragon’s Den, UK’s version of Shark Tank. And they got a very good deal, with the investors Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis deciding to put £100,000 (over $150,000) in the business.

Magic Whiteboard allows peopçe to create a whiteboard from a roll anywhere, in seconds. Given that it works with  dry whiteboard marker, wipe clean and reuse. Magic Whiteboard combines the best bits of flipchart paper with a traditional whiteboard, and is perfect for presentations, conferences, training events, team meetings and group work. The product clings to any hard flat surface using static (to walls, windows, doors, painted walls, office partitions, brick walls and glass walls), making it very portable and lightweight.

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