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Top Three Gadgets Not to Let Go Too Fast

I know of an overly-technology inclined friend who changes his gadgets faster than his shirt. There was one instance when he just purchased this high end phone but two weeks later he had it traded in for another phone brand which he apparently has been waiting to come out in the market.

There is also this family member of mine who constantly upgrades her mobile phone plan just to get a newer phone. And as for me, I have been once guilty of buying a new laptop when my old one has not yet celebrated its first birthday. Call it tech hoarding? No, more of impulse buying I guess.

Given how much we all desire to get hold of every gadget released every minute in the tech world, we all become guilty of prematurely disposing of our gadgets. Either we upgrade, trade in, sell, or give them away. Personally speaking, if one can afford it, he or she has the freedom to upgrade his or her gadget as frequently as he’d like to; no problem with that. But given the environmental impact of creating the raw materials of these gadgets and eventually disposing them, not to mention the carbon emissions during production, I think that we put some reservations before we dispose of some gadgets.


Here are five gadgets which need not be let go of too fast.

  • Mobile Phones
    On top of my list are mobile phone which, according are changed by their owners after a period of a year and a half. If this is the rate, does it mean that an average user will actually own at least 30 phones in one lifetime? Now that’s too much electronic waste for mother earth. If your mobile phone is still functional, I don’t thinks replacing it as frequently as the statistics have stated is necessary. But if you really would want to let go of an old phone for a new one, you may opt giving it out to those who cannot afford or donate it to some recycling organizations
  • Laptops
    Laptops and personal computers have estimated lifespans of 3-4 years. If you dispose one too early, not only are you adding up to the electronic waste that’s forever accumulating, you are also wasting a lot of money. So as with your mobile phone, dispose your laptops at reasonable intervals.
  • Cameras
    Though cameras are not changed as frequently as mobile phones or laptops, the early version of cameras which are none-digital are actually still stocked up in some stores within the country. Ofcourse we still remember how Kodak had to let go of their films and the cameras that used them when the advent of digital cams began to set in. If you own a good camera today, you may upgrade it every three to four years also.

These are the top three gadgets that we technology-hungry beings love upgrading as frequently as marketers of these gadgets would allow. But in addition to these three, it is good to mention that other gadgets namely tablets, global positioning systems (GPS), alarms, web cameras, headphones, chargers, and other gadget accessories and the likes are also disposed easily and are adding up to the world’s electronic waste basket.

While newer gadgets are usually more energy efficient, the impact of waste accumulated and carbon emission involved is detrimental to the environment.

Personally speaking, the key to solving this problem is moderation. We should learn to purchase these gadgets by need and not by wants. Also, we should learn how to use them properly so they don’t demand for a new one too early.


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