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About Li-Ion technology and (teardown) Review of Ambrane P880




Ambrane isn’t the most popular brand when it comes to electronics, but it does make quite a few consumer electronics products. This one is rated at 8000mAh. Its fairly inexpensive as I bought it for 1200 bucks after an offer (Awesome!!). It has a two ports and its able to charge two devices simultaneously. And like most portable chargers out there, it also comes with an LED flashlight. The feature that I liked most was that it was a digital charger (which possibly means better logic for protection, charge, discharge etc.) and it had a display.

The parcel was well packed, but the manufacturer packing wasn’t impressive at all. The glue that held the package was almost non-existent and the powerbank nearly fell off after I took it out of the outer box (parcel).


There isn’t a lot of stuff inside the packet – The powerbank, a USB cable and a three adapters, namely, the microUSB, the 40-pin apple adapter and the 2mm nokia adapter. And that’s about it. No, not even a warranty card or any documentation whatsoever. But it had 1yr manufacturer’s warranty, as it was written in the box.

The first thing I noticed was that the power bank was big, a little bigger than what I was looking forward to. Its slightly taller than my Nexus 5, and its pretty thick too..  There’s a small backlit display that reads the percentage of charge left, the port being used (1A or 2.1A) and an indication if its being charged or discharged (IN/OUT).


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