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How To Jumpstart Your SEO The pandemic has driven millions of customers online when they’d otherwise be out shopping in-person. This means that small businesses which don’t optimize their search engine performance are doomed to failure, as getting higher up on the results pages of search engines like Google is the only surefire way to bolster your eCommerce performance. Many entrepreneurs are nevertheless entirely unfamiliar with good SEO practices and have no idea how to launch an SEO campaign that will highlight their brand to thousands of local customers eager to spend their money. Here’s a review of how to jumpstart your SEO, and what costly mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to end up wasting a large swathe of your advertising budget. You need to clean up your web presence First and foremost, there’s no way to jumpstart your SEO without cleaning up your web presence. This means that you need active social media accounts that regularly post engaging content onto the newsfeeds of your customers, which may entail hiring a social media expert or handling this yourself as the business owner. Additionally, you’ll want to clean up your company website, which means getting rid of clutter that slows down the loading speed of your website so as to ensure that customers find what they’re looking for as soon as possible. There are many reasons that small business owners need a website, but the simplest and most important is that failing to have a website right now means that your business will quickly shrivel up and die. Few customers are willing to go out and spend their money in-person these days, which means that a pivot to eCommerce may be necessary. Even if you don’t sell products or services online, having a stellar website will help you advertise your services, book online appointments for your in-person business, and collect consumer data that can be leveraged in future marketing efforts. SEO experts like Yeah! Local will also tell you that websites which load slowly are the bane of commercial success to brands everywhere. Customers simply won’t sit around and wait for your web page to load, but will instead head to the website of your competitors.They’ll also help you identify niche SEO investment points worth pouring money into, such as voice search, which is becoming an increasingly important facet of the modern internet. Young consumers in particular are depending upon voice search technology like never before, so jumpstarting your SEO will entail allocating funds to this specific area. Finally, you must also pay attention to the SEO performance of your website on mobile phones. Consumers in every age group are depending upon their smartphones like never before when it comes to identifying nearby businesses. If your company website isn’t replete with SEO content that’s tailored for mobile devices, the content you do produce won’t resonate with consumers. You should thus pay close attention to mobile SEO and voice SEO as you begin to expand your digital presence. Before long, your brand will be enjoying better marketing results than ever.  

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