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3 Reasons Why Businesses in Calgary Should Use a Managed IT Services Provider

Most of the small to midsized companies in Calgary are today turning to the Managed services providers to help them in alleviating a number of the strains on their internal IT resources or taking over management of their networks. According to recent research, 60% of the businesses do use a Calgary Managed IT Services Provider, and the figure is expected to rise.

Several benefits come with partnering with Calgary Managed IT Services Provider ranging from a better understanding of assets to improve reliability, which is all of the great value in their own right. Here are some main reasons why businesses should consider using a Managed IT service provider.

1. Controlling of IT costs and Operational Expenses

In case your environment is ready to start using managed services, you can consider outsourcing IT as it will only require a small initial investment. However, you will need to have all your IT requirements to be rolled into an ongoing monthly payment. It means that managed services are an operational expense and much easier to predict and budget. Apart from making the move away from the capital expenses, managed IT services are also capable of lowering your IT costs. For instance, you can save on consulting, training, licensing, and emergency repairs.

2. Keeping pace and proactive solutions

Apart from having access to professionals and their skills, one will also be able to enjoy dynamic solutions with managed services. The solutions do monitor and manage their IT to catch issues before they get out of hand. When proactive monitoring is combined with fast response, it can reduce IT downtime and the risk of expensive and severe problems.

However, managed services also mean one is in a position of keeping pace with the changing and ongoing IT demand for experience, and they can quickly implement new technology. It can, at times, seem impossible to keep pace with IT industry shifts or, at best, very slow.

Do you have any idea who you should turn to when you need to ensure your business meets compliance regulations and laws? Only your Calgary Managed IT Services Provider will be able to help in areas like cyber security.

3. Reducing Risk

Security is a serious issue among the majority of business leaders, and one of the essential business technologies is having updated security that protects your network. Packages in managed services do offer a solution that helps in monitoring your Anti Virus, Firewall and apply some of the latest patches and updates to assist in ensuring your network is secure.

Security risk also forms part of managed services, with most of the providers focusing on being managed security service providers. Managed security services will help in filling the security gaps in your organization. For instance, they will help in improving the endpoint security and implementing tools to assist in detecting threats within and outside your network.

Managed IT services with cyber security will mean the infrastructure will have constant monitoring, updates, and management, which are essential in reducing breaches and attack risks.


There are more reasons why businesses in Calgary should use Managed IT services providers like to focus on your business, controlled costs, and cyber security. The overall managed services will make it easier to update and expand IT as required over time.

Managed IT services do evolve. Where managed services, also referred to as management and monitoring of the hardware, do encompass software, support, and labor as a service. There are endless possibilities and benefits one is set to enjoy in Calgary should they consider to use a managed IT service provider.

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