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How to Create a Corporate Podcast From Scratch

Every business manager wants more engaging communication methods that internal company podcasts provide. It is a unique way to connect with employees and target prospects.

However, starting a corporate podcast from scratch requires some commitment. Firstly, you need an excellent enterprise podcasting solution. You also have to master how to create a private podcast.

Ready to get started? Keep reading this guide as we explain how to launch an internal company podcast for your business.

Why Start a Corporate Podcast?

Work schedules can be so hectic that employees are busy even to engage in office emails or newsletters. Emails pile up and later get lost among other thousands. Some employees even open the company’s letter but skim through it, omitting vital details.

Having internal communications podcast ideas reduces all of that. Listeners can engage even while performing other office tasks. Besides, they can even listen while driving or even on the bus. Corporate podcast ideas are accessible from anywhere, and that’s the beauty of it.

How to Create a Corporate Podcast

Starting a corporate podcast is relatively easy, and this section teaches how to create a private podcast for communications between team members or employees.

1. Plan the Podcasting Ideas

Anyone can learn how to record a podcast remotely and from the comfort of their rooms. But making an internal company podcast that stands out requires proper planning. Write out your internal communication podcast ideas and topics.

Write Out the Podcasting Topics

Writing out the topics helps confirm it’s something you have sufficient knowledge about. Podcasting content is great when it’s within your niche and contains topics your listeners or employees understand.

Determine the Podcast Length

For starters, it’s usually advisable to avoid lengthy internal podcasts for employees. Your initial target should be engaging them throughout the episode.

Therefore, learn how to make an internal company podcast that listeners won’t skip because it is too long. Remember that you can always increase the podcasting duration with time.

Decide on a Frequent Podcasting Release Schedule

Another essential part of podcast planning is deciding on the podcast release schedules. Imagine using podcasts in large companies for communications without a schedule on when to expect new episodes.

Also, imagine creating a schedule but uploading the internal company podcasts behind given dates. Employees would gradually get fed up and lose anticipation for future episodes. An excellent idea is having about 3 to 5 pre-recorded episodes that ease the pressure of meeting podcasting deadlines.

2. Purchase Corporate Podcast Equipment

You’ll need the best podcast equipment to produce an internal company podcast that sounds like any of your favorite shows. However, you don’t have to spend so much. There are affordable, budget-friendly podcasting equipment.

Getting a Good Microphone

Have you ever listened to a show host and loved the voice? It’s because the audio quality was great. Refrain from using the inbuilt microphone on your PC if you want a professional and quality audio podcast. There are many affordable microphones out there. You just have to buy a cost-friendly one and buy good headphones too.

Setup a Studio Room

Excellent sound quality is beyond getting a good microphone. Your choice of recording room also matters. A good room for recording podcasts is one that significantly minimizes echo and external interferences. You can arrange one within your office and don’t necessarily have to use a paid studio to record podcasts.

3. Record and Edit the Podcast

Once you’ve secured your podcasting equipment and have your internal communications podcast ideas, you’re set to record. We recommend writing the important points in the bulleted form to avoid skipping vital details.

Another piece of advice is maintaining a conversational tone while recording. Don’t talk like you are reading a script. Speak as naturally as possible. It certainly gets easier with more practice.

How to Edit a Corporate Podcast

Editing is often overlooked when discussing how to make an internal company podcast. There is even the wrong assumption that editing only involves the removal of unwanted parts in the recorded content.

However, complete editing of a private podcast also involves adding background music, the podcast’s intro & outro jingles, placement of ads, and replaying the podcast file until it is ready for uploading.

4. Brand the Podcast

The internal company podcast represents your business, and that’s why branding is important. Review your proposed podcast name and ensure it aligns with the recorded podcast episodes.
Established companies can also include the brand’s name when deciding on the podcast name. Part of branding your internal company podcast also involves:

Choosing a Cover Art

The podcast cover should give a professional image of the corporate podcast ideas. We agree that having the best cover artwork does not depict whether a podcast is great. Nevertheless, poor cover art gives a bad first impression of the business podcast. Outsource the design to an expert and avoid using illegible fonts that appear small on the thumbnail.

Writing an Excellent Description For the Episodes

The podcast description space is not the chance to start discussing the brand or the host. Focus on writing good podcast descriptions that give listeners a hint on what to expect from the internal communications podcast ideas.

5. Distribute and Promote the Podcast

The goal of starting a corporate podcast is to engage the target audience, which is why distribution and promotion are important. Start with choosing a podcast hosting platform. We’ve many excellent options like Podbean.

An excellent hosting platform manages the uploading of your podcasts to popular directories. It generates the RSS feed for sharing and can automatically distribute your podcasts.

You should also create an email sequence containing your employees, previous clients and podcast subscribers. There is podcast launch automation to announce uploading your recorded content on scheduled dates to selected emails.


Starting a corporate podcast is just like commencing any other business idea. Do you think your business needs a corporate podcast? Then, go for it. This guide contains detailed steps on how to create a private podcast for your enterprise.
There is no perfect time to launch an internal company podcast. So, start today. Write out those corporate podcast ideas. Draft an implementation plan and duly follow it to completion.

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