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Published on October 18th, 2022 | by Bibhuranjan


Eight Career Options In Tech

Looking for an industry with a more-than-average career outlook and plenty of opportunities, rewards, and, most importantly, money? In that case, a career in technology is the one for you.

A career in technology entails working in the fastest-growing and conceivably most difficult employment field. It encourages creativity and innovation but necessitates accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, if you work in technology, you don’t have to glue yourself to a lackluster job that serves no value, as many career options are available. Whether you’re a novice or a technology professional, there is something for everyone. It includes careers in development, data and security, management, and so much more. By learning about the various tech roles and positions, you can pick the best career for you.

So let’s look at some of the most in-demand career options in technology and some insight into each role.

  • Ethical Hacker

Become an ethical hacker if you’re interested in discovering more about cyber criminals and their methods of operation. Ethical hackers perform sophisticated penetration tests on a company’s system to look for security flaws or vulnerabilities. They evaluate the safety of computer systems by adopting the perspective of a cybercriminal, and they remedy any issues they identify to prevent actual hackers from breaking into the network. They design preventive steps to combat hackers.

Ethical hackers are typically required to hold a degree in cybersecurity and further security-related certifications. And thanks to the evolution of technology, it is now easier than ever to acquire education at every level. That said, you can effortlessly apply for a degree in cyber security online and complete more certifications to work for a reputable company.

  • Cloud Security Expert

As businesses switch from on-premises IT to cloud-based systems, cloud security experts are in high demand. They are in charge of safeguarding the information kept by cloud-based systems, end users, and programs. Their function is comparable to that of a cybersecurity engineer. However, they must feel at ease with various technologies, virtualized servers, networking hardware, storage, and backup devices. Duties will include preventing unwanted access to data and minimizing potential data breaches.

In many cases, an undergraduate degree in computer science, cybersecurity, engineering, programming, or information security is necessary to secure the position of a cloud security expert. Nevertheless, more experience and credentials will lead to a more promising and satisfying salary.

  • Network Engineer

As their job titles indicate, network engineers are in charge of managing computer networks. They are technical professionals, and they are responsible for setting up, operating, and providing technical support for networks to their clients. This position involves both manual labor and software use. In addition to installing and maintaining routers and cables, network engineers also take care of software by keeping an eye on network traffic, setting up systems, installing firewalls, and solving issues. To qualify for the network engineer position, you must have a bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer engineering, or network engineering.

  • Data Scientist

Data science positions are termed the “sexiest job of the 21st century” and aren’t brand-new like other tech occupations. But the need for qualified professionals has increased dramatically as organizations and businesses gather and use more data daily. Data scientists are in charge of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data for an organization so that it may make better decisions. They have opportunities to work in nearly every area and industry, from IT to manufacturing, entertainment to healthcare. A four-year college degree in data science, computer science, or a similar discipline is typically required to qualify for a data scientist position. Additionally, many data scientists enroll in graduate programs, boot camps, and professional certifications. The majority of data scientist positions demand some prior professional experience.

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

These experts work directly with the hardware that goes into computers, like memory chips, routers, circuit boards, and processors. They may be tasked with developing new hardware that is more efficient or effective because they are engineers and deal with the tangible aspects of technology. Although computer hardware engineers may not frequently work directly with systems, they test finished versions of products using pre-existing programs. They might also update present hardware to meet the sophisticated requirements of developing software. A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or a closely related discipline, such as information technology, is often required for entry-level computer hardware engineers.

  • Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing has recently evolved into a need for those whose businesses operate remotely. Companies have been looking for people who can transfer processes, put the required structures in place, and carry out cloud-related duties. Cloud engineers are often titled under various roles, such as cloud developers and solutions architects. A cloud engineer’s general task is to plan, manage, and administer a firm’s cloud systems, including Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Cloud, and so on.

  • Information and computer systems manager

Information and computer systems managers, often known as IT project managers, are knowledgeable individuals who establish IT objectives and create organized plans to achieve them. Like many executives, they approach their work comprehensively, creating long-term goals, assigning work, and planning different aspects of a company. They will also need to assess their people’s immediate and long-term needs and hire staff accordingly. You will effectively oversee all computer-related activity as a manager of information systems and decide how to improve network and software systems. A bachelor’s degree is the required entry-level education for this technical field.

  • Mobile Applications Developer

The latest mobile technology and applications alter how we socialize, do business, and absorb news and entertainment. As a result of the broad acceptance of this cutting-edge media by companies, customers, programmers, and creative types, mobile app development has become one of the most lucrative and rapidly expanding vocations.


It is clear that technology is one of the most fast-forward and ever-evolving industries worldwide. Nothing can ever surpass technology because without it; no one would ever be able to leverage the power of modernism. So, establishing a base in technology is your best bet. Also, the career options are right in front of you. Now all left is for you to take the leap – apply for the job or study for it.

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