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Nine Innovative Apps Designed to Make Life Easier

Technology plays a vital role in simplifying and accelerating complicated processes and tasks. After stepping into every field, we notice common phenomena; tech advancement sets the pace for automation while ensuring quality service.

Like every industry, technology also made our daily lives easier with the help of innovative apps and tech-related tools. Now we can log in to an app to save precious time to achieve remarkable results without fuss.

Here are the nine innovative apps you can use to make your life easier.

  • MyFitnessPal

With constant health issues on the rise, every smartphone has started giving attention to their pattern of food consumption and diet. Technology has made this task easier by allowing you to count your daily calories and track your intake of nutrients.

MyFitnessPal is the best app for fitness enthusiasts and food lovers who are also interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and BMI index. It tracks your food and water intake and gives ideas for healthy and wholesome recipes and workouts.

Staying in shape never goes out of style, and MyFitnesssPal makes it easy to achieve this goal. You can shed extra pounds simply by tracking your food intake and daily workout routine.

  • WashClubTrack

Laundry and dry cleaning your clothes sometimes become a problematic experience, especially when you have other important tasks to do.

WashClub Track is your safe place if you have problems managing your laundry. It offers an all-in-one solution for people looking for seamless laundry and drycleaning.

This app is based on a comprehensive laundry management system that allows customers to place their orders and track the pick-up vehicle when it’s 30 minutes away.

Moreover, it sends an SMS or an email to you when your laundry is about to be picked up. You can also pay your laundry bills through the app’s safe and secure payment method.

  • Pocket

Do you love reading or watching videos on the go? Great. But, what do you do when you’re short on time for another important meeting?

In such circumstances, Pocket allows you to save the articles and videos that you left unfinished and resume them whenever you have time.

It is convenient to use as you can access your content on any device and even when you’re offline. Now you don’t have to worry about reaching your data usage limit and finding your favorite articles or videos while commuting.

  • Wanderlist

If you’re having trouble keeping your daily tasks on track and struggling with scattered hand notes and lists, Wanderlist is your answer.

This app is a one-in-all solution to your problems that helps you manage and schedule all your to-do lists on the go.

You can organize personal and professional tasks according to your preference while optimizing your performance by setting reminders and due dates.

Moreover, it also allows you to create lists that you can share with others to perform group tasks. Wanderlist can sync; you can access this app on all digital devices, making it super easy to schedule meetings and meet deadlines everywhere.

  • Duolingo

Do you love traveling or learning new languages? If yes, you will love using Duolingo, an app that allows you to learn 19 distinct languages.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that tests the learner’s skills for language from the first step and offers language learning programs accordingly.

You can learn available languages by simply filling in the blanks or answering questions. The audio component of the app helps master the spoken part of the language.

  • Airtasker

How does it feel when you have plans for outings and shopping on weekends, but you have to stay at home for household chores.

No one wants to spend weekends cleaning, gardening, or doing other tasks. Airtasker has you covered with its outsourcing services; now, you can enjoy your free time by outsourcing your daily tasks, no matter what.

For instance, you can also outsource a personal assistant to get your job done. Meanwhile, you can relax and spend time on other important or productive activities.

  • RunKeeper

RunKeeper is the personal trainer you have always wanted to have. It acts as a coach and trains you for anything, including running as a major element.

For instance, you can get on track using RunKeeper if you want to win a race, check your body strength, or lose weight.

It has something for everyone by offering tailored programs. By simply logging in, you can achieve your fitness goals by running according to the available plans. This app lets you collaborate with friends and family and share fitness journeys to keep you motivated.

  • Mint: Personal Finance and Money

Mint: Personal Finance & Money is a financial app that helps you stay on track of your earnings and expenditures.

Keeping all financial information in a single place gives users a holistic view of their financial performance. It is a full-fledged money management app that lets you create and maintain your budget.

Moreover, with the help of Mint, you can pay your bills on time by setting up reminders. It is easier to follow your financial goals and track your budget while syncing up bank accounts, credit cards, investment and retirement accounts, etc.

  • SpotHero

SpotHero, as it sounds, makes it super easy to find a parking spot on Weekends and rush hours. You don’t need to spend time finding the right parking space and paying the fee, as SpotHero has come to your rescue.

Just give 90 seconds to let this app begin its magic. It can search garages and parking lots in your vicinity as well.

Currently, SpotHero is available in more than 40 cities in the United States. With the help of an app, you can easily navigate through the map and select your spot at each location by paying the fee in advance.

Final Thoughts

Moving forward while adopting modern tools and trends according to the current demand is always good.

You can use an app for anything now to streamline your routine and maximize your productivity without wasting any time.

Utilize your energy for more important tasks that technology cannot handle and leave the rest for digital solutions.

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