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Rules of Coexistence in a Work Environment for Students

As much as you work in a relaxed relaxed work environment, following certain rules of coexistence is necessary to maintain a good work environment. A good coexistence affects the optimal performance of the entire team.

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The motivation of workers is an essential component to generate a good work atmosphere. The truth is that each person has different needs. This is indicated by a study presented by the journal Psychology Today, whose conclusion is very clear: “The best way to know what motivates workers is to ask each one of them”.

However, the reality is that employees spend a good part of their lives in the workplace, and one of the key points to maintaining this motivation is the atmosphere that is breathed in their work environment. Following some rules of coexistence is essential to generate a good climate that benefits everyone and, of course, also the results of the company.

To generate this good climate, it is essential to have empathy with the personal circumstances of each employee. When people with disabilities are part of the team, “the important thing is that there is a joint and mutual adaptation”, explains Laura López, educator and deaf teacher of Early Childhood Education.

What’s Best in Terms of Productivity? Coffee Shops, Libraries, Beaches ...

To prevent certain barriers from frustrating people with disabilities, it is essential to “ask them what their needs are and cover them, actively listening,” she says. “That way, this person is going to feel a lot better.” It should also be borne in mind that with the expansion of remote work the pandemic and its coexistence with face-to-face work, the rules of coexistence have been modified, but it is still necessary for the whole group to follow some guidelines that will make the day-to-day more pleasant, that will prevent some people from getting upset, that will contribute to improving the performance of the whole group. Here are the minimum rules that you must follow when you are working:

Say Hello When You Arrive and Say Goodbye When Your Day Is Over

It is the same if it is face-to-face or remote work; saying hello and goodbye is part of the basic rules of education in any environment. If you are in an office, it is a way of making those who are in the same physical space as you feel that you are becoming part of a common bond. In case you are teleworking, if you have some type of application to communicate with your colleagues, let them know that you have started your workday and when you finish it. In this way, they will be aware of when they can count on you.

Call All Colleagues by Name

Giving your classmates nicknames, which on top of that reveal a different aspect of their personality, is a bad idea unless you have a lot of trust with the person and you know that they really don’t mind. It is best to call everyone by their first name or the diminutive of their first name. Unless, of course, they are the ones who tell you to call them by a pseudonym.

Do Not Speak Ill of Colleagues

Negative comments about other people who are not present cause a bad image of them to be generated without them having the possibility to defend themselves. But not only that. They also say very little about you. If you spread rumors or gratuitous attacks, the most common thing is that, sooner or later, they will turn against you. In addition, they will hardly trust a partner who attacks another at any time.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

When we work in offices, cleanliness is important, since it shows an image of the company and its workers. Keeping the workspace polished is the job of each employee, not the cleaning staff. By being clean and tidy we are showing respect to all who share space with us.

When You Discuss a Sensitive Matter, Avoid Third Parties in the Conversation

It is common to have discrepancies in work matters or in the forms of behavior with colleagues. It is important that these sensitive comments are made in private, avoiding that third parties who are not responsible are present. Dialogue between members of the same team is essential and in the most sensitive situations, these conversations should be held exclusively with the affected person.

Keep Your Phone on Vibrate Mode to Avoid Disturbing Colleagues

Try to avoid any deconcentration of colleagues who are working near you. One of the most annoying sounds is that of mobile phones, both due to the ringtone and in relation to the notifications of the different applications. It is best if you have your phone on silent or on vibrate mode. It is also important that, when you have a call, look for a secluded place so as not to distract those who work with you with your conversation. And if you want to listen to music, better with headphones.

Consult with Your Colleagues about Any Changes in the Environment That Affect Them

Remember that the office is a space for coexistence. There will be those who suffer when the environment is very hot and others will be more sensitive to lower temperatures. If you want to open the window, turn on the air conditioning or turn up the heat, talk to your colleagues first and make the decision based on what the majority says. Of course, with the exception that there is a health problem in someone, in which case their well-being must be prioritized.

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Work can be a source of stress, although we have more and more tools to control it. And a germ of this anxiety is the problems of coexistence in the work environment. But, by being empathetic with those around us and following some basic rules of coexistence, we will surely improve the work environment and reduce any tension. Also, getting help from educibly would also greatly reduce your stress as a student.

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