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Real-Time Shipment Visibility with Supply Chain Software

The phrase “your order has been shipped” is used in e-commerce. This notice hardly ever informs us of the status of our order. It’s vital to be able to see what’s happening here in real-time.

Customers increasingly want to know the status of their orders at all times, and businesses have taken notice.

Businesses no longer send a single message when an order is ready to ship. Rather, they deliver real-time information. It was impossible to track the whereabouts of a fleet until recently.

Because it requires time and effort to coordinate with several parties, it is always costly. On the other side, digital logistics have changed the game.

Thanks to advancements in technology and software, companies can now see what’s going on at the bottom level of the distribution process in real-time. Everyone involved can readily see what’s going on at any time of day thanks to a single supply chain visibility software.

What Is Real-Time Visibility?

A fantastic one lets everyone in the organization to see and exchange product information, which is the difference between a good and a great one. It has an effect on all of the chain’s links.

Only by integrating customer feedback and data with internal processes can a company get a clear picture of how its products are used and how well they work.

With real-time data from your team, you may be able to improve predictive maintenance, equipment performance, and process safety.

What Is a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform?

The solution multimodal in-transit real time supply chain allows our clients to keep track of their items at all times. The SCV data may be used by businesses to save money, improve supply chains, assess performance, and find bottlenecks.

SCV software of analytics dashboards help with both strategy and operational improvement. We guarantee a minimum return on investment of 150 percent for cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility software, which is greater than our competitors.

Using automated finding and sensing technology on multimodal containers and freight, supply chain blind spots may be found.

During the production and delivery processes, we give real-time, carrier-independent information on where and how the cargo is positioned. Our fully controlled cargo monitoring services include data analysis and devices. Maintenance and logistics are also taken care of by us.

Increased working capital is a direct result of end-to-end transparency. The amount of safety stock and work-in-progress inventory can be lowered to begin with. Agistix unique supply chain visibility technology services are now available for commodities in transit.

Benefits of Real-Time Shipment Visibility

Team Productivity

Operations can be more efficient and cost-effective if they are more transparent. Many businesses aren’t aware of their transportation costs.

Customers do not receive real-time updates or timing information while a box is in transit, even if they are aware of when it is scheduled to be picked up and delivered.

Since the beginning of time, transportation staff has used a time-consuming and inefficient method to manually track deliveries.

Transportation managers have greater time to deal with problems and reduce risks as a consequence of real-time supply chain visibility technology.

Save Operational Costs

60% of logistics costs are spent on transportation. Longer journeys need more driving time, resulting in higher fuel consumption and driver fatigue.

Researchers may use real-time road shipment visibility to collect data on routes, speeds, and dwell times, providing them with unbiased data. Gain share models with carriers can benefit from dwell time analysis.

To save money, loading and unloading times might be reduced. By sending ETAs to loading and unloading locations ahead of time, dynamic slot booking guarantees that reserved time slots are not missed.

This information may be used to enhance routes and justify carrier fees, resulting in cheaper transportation costs.Carbon emissions per kilometer may be accurately assessed for environmental impact using time and distance data. In order to track sustainability measures, emissions must be measured.

Improve the Delivery Performance

Subcontracted carriers have no way of knowing how good their delivery services are. To improve delivery performance, make sure it’s being tracked appropriately and consistently.

Due to a lack of real-time delivery data, many manufacturers and merchants may find it difficult to evaluate their transportation performance. It’s amazing how many companies still communicate with shipping companies through phone, fax, and email.

Carriers were ordered to manually enter delivery information into their own tracking systems by shippers.

Carriers are burdened by the use of these proprietary tools. Data entry takes 3 to 5 hours per week for medium-sized businesses.

Because the data was obtained hours after delivery, it is warped and erroneous. Without precise data, judging delivery quality is impossible (OTIF).

Real-time shipment visibility technology may be used to track a carrier’s arrival, departure, dwell, and journey timings. Litigation costs are reduced when this data is used.

Improve Productivity

Agistix is one of the best companies in the industry that offers supply chain transportation automation services. The portal may be used by ecosystem partners to build up automated procedures and collaborative workflows that guide users through best-practice actions.

Worker activities, including exception handling, can be automated to reduce inefficiencies, administrative load, and human error. All stakeholders have access to real-time status and event information via the platform.

A shipper-carrier web interface streamlines administration and coordination by allowing exact control over who has access to what data.

Agistix may send any information it collects, cleans, calculates, and sends to a shipper back to the company’s supply chain process automation by SMS, email, or other API alerts, or to a central control tower or supply chain management site.

A link to the purchase follow-up page may be emailed to customers.

Security and Safety of the Inventory

Product quality and security are being improved while safety stock is being reduced.

Individual handling units may be tracked in real time, which helps with quality control and freight safety. The temperature and humidity of a cargo container or vehicle are monitored by a network of smart sensors.

The Agistix platform allows several sensors to be connected. Recalls can be prevented with the ability to detect and surround problematic shipments.

Businesses may reduce their safety stock by using real-time supply chain network strategy data. Individual cargo handling units may be tracked all the way down to the component level using Agistix.

Improve lead times by providing real-time data for each carrier and loading/unloading location, which is used to calculate the amount of safety stock to have on hand. The necessity for safety stock capital and storage space decreases as transparency and lead times improve.

How Can Track Deliveries in Real Time with Supply Chain Visibility Software

More effective collaboration is possible. It is critical for supply chain firms to communicate data and improve visibility during times of interruption. The entire network may be updated in a short amount of time by cooperating. Agistix is here to assist you.

This is incredible. In the transportation industry, transparency and openness are key components of customer service. You may improve customer service and retention by providing ETAs, route visibility, and dedicated notifications.

CO2 emissions are decreasing. Real-time transportation best supply chain visibility software might be valuable for planning routes and quickly responding to interruptions. In today’s transportation industry, saving time and lowering CO2 emissions are two major concerns.

The capacity of the facility has been expanded. The number of those arrested for driving has significantly dropped. To increase the capacity of a transportation system, reduce the amount of time drivers are on the road.

The provision of safety equipment has been restricted. Organizations may be able to reduce safety stock through improving supply chain visibility, transparency, and ETA. RTTVPs are designed to reduce risk while maximizing the utilization of available resources.

Automation. Real-time Transportation companies must be transparent if they are to be automated. It is possible to link documents such as reports, delivery notices, and other paperwork using real-time transport supply chain network strategy and technology.

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