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Risks from Use of Infrared Sauna

Saunas provide a refreshing and rejuvenating sweat session, and there is no doubt about that! People nowadays are opting more and more for infrared saunas. After all, who doesn’t like good sweat without cycling and running?

Infrared saunas are also widely known for relaxing sore muscles and improving sleep schedules. But the question is, is that all? There are all benefits and no risk factors? No, it is not like that. Just like everything else, Infrared saunas also have some risks included.

In this post, we will briefly go through what Infrared Saunas are and the negative side effects associated with them. Keep Reading!

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Unlike the traditional and basic saunas that heat the air around you, Infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiations of infrared lamps. These radiations focus on heating your body directly instead of heating the air.

This direct heat will penetrate your body from deep inside while healing the tissues. It will also help you detox your body by directly sweating through your pores. Infrared saunas are gaining massive popularity these days and raising the temperature with their heat!

Risks involved with Infrared Saunas

Have you ever heard about “All that glitters is not gold?” Well, that is the case with Infrared saunas too. They surely have pros, but there are some cons too. So, before you get ready and dive into heating up, let’s go through the possible side effects and risk factors to make you fully aware!

Heat Discomfort

Heat discomfort is a mild form of heat-related illnesses. It happens when your body gets an excessive and unbearable amount of heat. Its symptoms can include fatigue, heavy sweating, extreme muscle cramps, and a never-ending thirst. Also, heat discomfort can cause several forms of skin rash too.


Hypotension, also known as Low Blood Pressure, is one of the most common side effects of Infrared saunas. Your body gets dehydrated by overheating, and eventually, your blood pressure will drop.

Light Headedness

Excessive heat from Infrared saunas can also make you lightheaded. The reason can be reduced blood flow to the brain and lower blood pressure. In rare cases, people may faint after several episodes of lightheadedness.

Heat Stroke

Again, overheating your body can make you dehydrated. But if you still keep overheating your body even when it is dehydrated, there are chances you might get a heat stroke. Ever heard of people getting heat strokes from excessive heat in summer? Well, that is exactly what saunas do to your body too!

When to Avoid Infrared Saunas?

Infrared saunas are safe to use if they are used in the right way! However, still, people with some medical issues should avoid using them. Especially if their diseases are long-term and chronic. Here is a list of people who should stay away from Infrared saunas, even when they are dying for some steam:

1. People who are suffering from chronic hypotension.

2. People who have kidney diseases.

3. If you are taking medications that can cause dizziness.

4. If you have nerve-related problems.

5. Women who are pregnant.

6. People who have a weak immune system.

7. If you have some unhealed wounds.

8. If you are a heart patient.

Final Words

We are not asking you to avoid Infrared Saunas completely; you will be fine if you use them the right way. However, if you are suffering from the conditions we mentioned above, it is recommended to avoid Infrared Saunas. Instead, you can use other safe and non-invasive devices from online platforms like healthyline outlet to relax and calm your body and mind.

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