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Best App for Construction Business

The construction business has caught up as more and more people are investing in properties, and more and more offices are coming up. There is a significant demand for houses and other construction; hence, many people plan to start their construction business. The business is tricky, but several apps can help you with things and help you make your job better.

Let us take a look at some of these applications.


Lio is a proper, exemplary application that allows you to organise your data all in one place. From storing your data to helping you be productive, Lio is at your disposal to make your small business grow in the best way possible.

Several templates are available to choose from based on your needs and requirements. No matter what business you are running, Lio would become one of the most useful apps that you use.

You can collaborate and share the sheets with your team and work real-time. You can also upload pictures and lock all the necessary files. Keep track of your employee’s attendance, all notes on debit and credit, money transactions, meetings, appointments and everything else.


This construction software is one of the best construction management tools, made with the overall management functionalities, including purchase reports, quality assurance, contract record, task scheduling, and other things.

Keep track of all the projects, appointments and work orders with a feature called documentation. The app also consists of an in-built analytics tool that automatically generates the reports based on billing, projects costs, cash flow and accounting.

Get access to insights into your work performance, which can help you make more calculative business decisions in the future. One of the top USPs of this app is that it supports real-time information access on both Android and iOS platforms, making it easy to connect with the project workforce and clients.


BIM is another excellent application for anyone who is in the construction business. It is widely used everywhere in the construction industry and allows you to navigate 3D BIM models and their associated data. The model’s size is actually dependent upon three things—the number of parameters, the number of materials and the number of triangles.


The FingerCAD application is helpful in all the technical drawings that you need to make with your fingers, assisted by a computer. You can draw on this application, and once the final picture is made, it will be saved, and you can share it via email or print it.

You can save the designs created at the location or any favourite location in different formats. This definitely is a simple application that is of great use for all the people in construction.


Truckast is widely popular because of its many features and benefits. The application allows you to set up your ready-mix concrete order directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Once you have placed the order, you can get access to track delivery times and get all the deets on it, knowing exactly when your order would be delivered.

With Truckast, you can maintain a record of all things related to concrete-like how much order has been placed, how much is on the way and can also upload pictures on the platform.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator is perfect for calculating quantities needed of concrete and rebar for all the projects you are working on.

Not just this, it will also calculate waste materials, rebar costing and concrete costing. This app would also assist you in giving information when you need to order concrete.

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

OSHA Heat Safety Tool is a great application to help you in your construction business. The app sends you reminders about the protective measures one must take based on the risk level to protect workers from heat-related illness.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s Heat Safety Tool also reminds us to have a healthy and balanced day by sending reminders to drink fluids, plan for and know what to do in emergencies, schedule rest breaks, adjust work operations, gradually build up the workload for new workers and train on heat illness signs and symptoms.

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