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Smarter Contact – Effective SMS Marketing Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

SMS Marketing, or text message marketing, is one of the most effective ways to reach your current and potential customers properly. The critical word here is properly. There are several other ways to reach people, but most don’t even result in the opening of a message.

And of the ones that do, most don’t respond. Emails are a perfect example of this significant fall-out rate. Only 20% of marketing-related emails sent are even opened by the receiver.

People don’t have the time nor the energy to open up and read a long-winded digital infomercial, and once they see that subject preview, you’ve lost them.

Text messages are received a whole lot better. Over 99% are opened, and around 98% are opened within two minutes of receipt.

There are a few reasons here:

While most people do have their emails on their mobile devices and cell phones, they tend not to open each mail they receive on their mobile, primarily because of the volume and the ability to preview and ignore sales mails.

SMS’s only comes to cell phones, and people receive less of them during the day. There is also much less to read, and they are often personal, including things like verification notices, messages from friends and family, and other information intended for the reader.

SMSs are a potent marketing tool if used correctly.

Enter Smarter Contact, an SMS Marketing platform that lets you harness the full potential of these fantastic little marketing messages!

Smarter Contact offers a complete business solution for streamlining SMS marketing. They take your existing contact list, convert it into a robust database with relevant contact details, and then offer a simple yet highly effective interface platform that helps you direct campaigns straight into the palm of your customer’s hands.

This fantastic platform does so much more, too – Let’s take a closer look.

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Smarter Contact Features

There are plenty of great features here; let’s unpack them individually.

The Power Of Automated Messaging

The primary feature here is automating SMS marketing and delivering your messages to the right people. Smarter Contact allows users to send campaign-specific, generic, or individualized text messages to the contacts of your choice.

You can schedule the time and date of sending, program auto-responses, and make use of preloaded templates for your messages or responses.

Replies also pop up in real-time on the interface, and you can respond with bespoke messaging or choose intelligent autoresponders.

The biggest weakness of similar interfaces has always been the complexity of the settings and features. Smarter Contact is by far the most straightforward and user-friendly interface, and you’ll instantly understand each component.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is another helpful feature, which gives users access to the most accurate and detailed contact information for potential leads.

When you upload your contact list into the database, Smarter Contact has integrated extremely powerful skip tracing, which gives you a full breakdown of each contact: correct mobile number, location, occupation, and addresses.

The information provided is directly from the carriers and is also Credit Bureau-rated. It’s a compelling feature that makes the entire Smarter Contact deal worth your while on its own. Luckily for you, they offer even more!

CRM Integration & Reporting

The unique API included with Smarter Contact facilitates full integration with a powerful CRM, like Podio.

With a couple of clicks, you’ll be using the built-in CRM on your own and be able to connect with industry-leading CRM software. This effortless and simplified integration is another stand-out and unique feature of Smarter Contact.

The reporting function is another awe-inspiring feature here. With a simple click on a tab, you can check on every aspect of all your campaigns and messages. You can filter by date or campaign and view full analytics on the following:

  • Campaign runs
  • SMS count
  • Delivery rate
  • Average response time
  • SMS response rate
  • Full analytics about any user-defined contact category

How is Smarter Contact Different?

We know that Smarter Contact isn’t the only provider of this sort of service, but what is very clear is that they’ve certainly done their homework when it comes to competition.

They’ve looked at the most common negatives of the other SMS marketing tools and made it a point to improve on them drastically.

Incredible UI

The Smarter Contact interface is the most impressive of all the other tools on the market. It is simple, elegant, and everything is handy and in precisely the right place.

It’s not only simple, but it’s also exceptionally intuitive too. Bespoke campaigns can be created in a few seconds, and the software allows you to effortlessly scroll through appropriate options and set up your templates with zero effort.

Highest Delivery Rate

The Smarter Contact hit rate is head-and-shoulders above the competition, primarily due to their state-of-the-art skip tracing platform.

The information is highly accurate, specific and the contact details are verified in several ways to ensure data integrity.

Pricing Structure

Their user-friendliness and uncluttered simplicity extend to the pricing packages, too. Three easy-to-understand pricing structures with no hidden costs. There is also a monthly or annual option, with the latter giving you two months of the year free.

The starter offers all the essential features minus a few advanced ones and comes in at $99 per month. In addition, you receive 3000 messages per month at the cost of $0.03 per message.

The mid-level option, called Pro, provides access to some advanced features and is $199 per month. There is a 7,500 Message cap, and SMSs are $0.025 each.

The Elite option is $299 pm and has unlimited messaging with an industry-low price of $0.02 per SMS.

They also offer a free 7-Day trial with absolutely no obligations. Smarter Contact is one of the most impressive platforms of its kind, and we couldn’t recommend it more!

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