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8 Emerging Technologies That Are Changing The World

During the past few decades, the world has experienced some major technological breakthroughs. Technology touches and impacts every single aspect of our modern lives, whether personal or professional. And the recent evolution of the internet of things (IoT), 5G, cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence have empowered technology to redefine and revolutionize our future. 

Car manufacturers worldwide are already conducting trials of autonomous vehicles, including lorries, cars, and trains. And pioneering businesses know they must capitalize on the potential of technological breakthroughs and become the torch-bearers of the human kind’s fourth revolution. This article will discuss some technologies mentioned above in further detail. Hold on tight; the ride to the future is a bumpy one.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Recently, many of the world’s largest brands/businesses have been striving to integrate automation for increasing efficiency and reducing process costs. Automation surrounds us. There are now automated warehouses that store, sort, and ship out products for major retailers worldwide. Social media platforms are using automation to check and moderate post interactions. Card companies are also using automation to detect fraud and data theft.

Organizations are now building a network that allows commonfolk to contribute their data and machine-learning models. This development could have profound implications. With an AI economy and a decentralized blockchain AI, who knows how future businesses may turn out? 

However, companies will require personnel equipped with the knowledge of data science and analytics. Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has put a halt to physical education. Thus, individuals keen to learn about machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence must opt for the online mode. In today’s era, pursuing a data science masters online will ensure that you are up-to-date and ready to enter the market when the tech revolution proliferates.

Driverless/Electric cars

Electric cars have been the buzz of the town for a while now. But, the technology seems to be progressing at lightning-fast speed. Apart from the longer battery life, the charging station infrastructure is also improving. Investors worldwide are pulling all their funds into self-driving technology, so the anticipated shift from traditional to electric might come sooner than we thought.

For instance, Tesla already offers an autopilot mode that allows taking over specific driving controls. However, automobile manufacturers are pushing towards a completely hands-free experience for their future customers. 

Smart Voice Assistants

Even before the pandemic struck, chatbots were innovating daily interactions for most people. And with the onset of remote work and stay-home restrictions, these technologies are now employed to manage businesses and households. Voice assistants like Alexa and Google home have instantly acquired an integral position in all domains of our lives. As progressing forward, these intelligent assistants only seem to expand in their convenience and capabilities. 

Augmented Reality

A couple of years ago, the majority was clueless about whether augmented reality would be a hit or a miss. However, companies like Apple continue to make heavy investments in augmented reality hardware, indicating this technology will be becoming mainstream quite soon.

Even the iPhone’s latest version has some augmented reality capabilities. What’s more, Apple is currently developing an AR headset that will soon replace the iPhone. 

Space Tourism

Have you ever thought about what’s next when we’ve explored every possible travel destination in the world? Explored all the pristine beaches, mountains, forests, and volcanoes the earth has to offer? Well, space tourism is a promising prospect. Space X, Virgin Galactic, and other companies have indicated their intentions of making space tourism a real thing. And though the tickets might be expensive, we’ll be able to board a spaceship and take a spin around the solar system’s orbits. 

Blue Origin’s New ShQuantum Computingepard is a space shuttle that will soon be transporting its passengers 100km above sea level and parachuting them back to land.

Quantum Computing

Today’s computers that operate on a binary system have tremendous power and strength. However, they still have massive limitations and struggle to process complex machine-learning problems.

Contrarily, quantum computers use quantum bits to transfer information. These bits, including the state they exist in, give quantum computing the superior ability to process complex datasets. Consequently, quantum computing leads to major machine-learning innovations that might otherwise be impossible. 

Even with the technology being in its nascent stages, tech giants like Google and Microsoft make billion-dollar investments in developing supercomputers. The reason being that these computers will have processing capabilities that far exceed regular computers, enabling them to produce highly accurate predictive and analytical models. 

Lab-grown Meats

Scientists are consistently working on making lab-grown meat a reality. Our society’s consumption habits and overall lifestyle will be forever changed if scientists can develop a low-cost method to grow edible meat in the lab. 

It reduces the carbon footprint and ecological damage of meat farming. Lab-grown meat also offers an ethical alternative to traditional meat-eating that diverse populations can relish.

University of Tokyo’s research team has created cultured meat resembling real muscle. This newly-developed meat has a more naturalistic structure. This finding entails that scientists might be successful in producing steak-like beef and not just mince. Therefore, lab-grown meat can surpass the popularity of regular produce, and individuals might prefer to eat it.

Blockchain or Cryptocurrency

If you’re unfamiliar with the much-hyped cryptocurrency Bitcoin, you might as well be living under a rock. We can define blockchain as the online ledger for Bitcoin and other cryptos. This technology is the reason behind the recent boom in the digital currency market.

Compared to conventional centralized record keeping, blockchain’s main attraction is that it’s decentralized. What decentralization entails is that your transactional record isn’t stored at a single location. Instead, it exists on several nodes spread across the system. Hence, the system’s intricate design reduces the risk of loss or tampering of records.

In essence, blockchain systems can bypass censorship and are seizure-resistant. Meaning governments don’t have the authority to seize your assets when you’re in regions with poor governance. It also means that no third party will be able to erase your data, and you can’t hack third parties to access their data either.

To Conclude

Although we’re nowhere close to realizing the tech-driven, futuristic society that Back To The Future predicted for us, recent technological breakthroughs are no less impressive. With the continuous advancement in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, space tourism, cryptocurrency, and 3D printing, our world might completely transform within decades.

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