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Ways To Wear a Lanyard And Make It Look Good

One astonishing thing about lanyards is their versatility. From holding badges to securing a USB drive, they can carry almost anything provided they could contain such in a stylish manner. Lanyards come in handy for adorning one’s appearance too, and you only have to rock them properly!

Within a twinkle, you’ll be exposed to several tricks and tips that would help you fascinatingly wear a lanyard. Be sure to read on!

Opt For the Best Fit For Your Style 

One fundamental secret of how to look good in a lanyard is uniqueness. Regardless of how you choose to appear, selecting the suitable custom lanyards that match your style is necessary. Whether you prefer smooth, sophisticated, or a brazen appearance, there’s a lanyard for every style. 

For instance, if you have to wear it to hold a badge or display an ID for identification purposes, then it could hang nicely around your neck. In a non-strict environment, you could fasten it to your belt and let it hang towards your pocket in a fashion-oriented manner. The choices are many; you just have to do what brings out the best in your appearance – do what works for you!

Let It Hang Around the Neck

It’s conventional to hang a lanyard around the neck; that’s like the classic designation of the item. This is so because custom lanyards are mainly used in offices, companies, factories, banks, schools, etc. So, to look professional, it’s like a norm to put it around the neck. However, there’s more to wearing a lanyard this way. You can beat the standard by adding an aesthetic touch to the lanyards. For instance, you may tuck it under your collar to hide most of its parts from sight; thus, allow the uncovered part to bling downwards towards your pocket. This makes you look polished. See more on

Unofficially as a Band or Bracelet

Lanyards are restricted to professional settings; they could be used as an outfit ensemble during festivities. So, if the event is unofficial, you may unconventionally rock the lanyard by wrapping it around your wrists. The goal is to look stylish and in vogue; you may achieve this goal if you wear the lanyard this way. 

Use Your Bag Too

This is essentially a trick for ladies because they can’t do their daily business without their bags. Guys may not fancy the idea of dangling an item on their backpacks or suitcases, and they would rather keep all items enclosed. 

Now, apart from securing items, a bag can be used to showcase fashion and style too. So also, lanyards may be used to serve safety and fashion needs when fastened to a bag. To use your bag, simply loop the lanyard to the bag’s handle, then slip the item it’s securing inside the bag. The other visible parts will serve decorative purposes for the bag, especially if the lanyard is branded. 

You Can Belt it Too 

A lanyard can be used to secure a bunch of keys or any other item that can easily fall off your pocket. Append the lanyard to your belt above the pocket using a cow hitch knot. Then, slip the item inside your pocket. Let the excess part of the lanyard trail your trouser from the belt to the pocket – it’s fashionable most times. 

How About the Ankle

If you think placing your lanyards is only limited to your upper torso? Think again. This may sound and feel weird at first but you may start considering your lower torso as a place to wear your lanyard.

How? By wrapping it around your ankle and turning it into an ankle bracelet and pairing it with some trendy ankle boots to make it stylistic. This isn’t just for style but also for a functional reason as well which makes it more secure. 

Sash It 

By sashing the lanyard, you can keep the item it’s holding on display and highly secured at the same time. It’s one of the functional ways to wear a lanyard. You can also rock the lanyard by using your rear pocket. The item is safely secured in your pocket while the lanyard hangs loosely behind you. This may not be advisable because of pickpockets. 

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