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Top Paying Jobs for Marketing Majors

Whether you’ve written your thesis recently or are an experienced job contractor, the job market is open to you. There are tons of marketing jobs online waiting for your resume. To tread a career path safely, be resourceful and use Skillhub’s resume editing service to win your dream job. Meanwhile, check the list of the most high-paying positions in the marketing industry to apply for right now.

#1 Marketing Research Director

A professional marketing research director is the heart of the company. This professional knows everything about how to let your business thrive. To land an interview in a top company, an applicant is supposed to have years of work experience and outstanding accomplishments. Have a degree in marketing and business management? In this way, you automatically get higher chances for acceptance at this position.

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To earn an average annual salary of $110 000, focus on the development of such skills as:

  • Business management skills;
  • Marketing knowledge;
  • Ability to build marketing strategies that sell;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Excellent written and oral communication;
  • Effective problem-solving skills.

#2 Digital Marketing Director

To have an average annual income of $100 000, applicants are supposed to have outstanding qualifications and job experiences. Most employers would recruit individuals with stunning work experience and efficient work skills. However, don’t get upset too soon. Modern startups focus on the candidate’s innovative decisions and an ability to solve problems creatively. Yet, there is always a chance for you to get more interviews and land a job as a young rising talent.

Your main job responsibilities as a digital marketing director would be:

  • Organizing digital marketing campaigns;
  • Improving brand’s visibility online;
  • Analyzing competitor’s activities;
  • Cooperating with other company’s departments.
  • Planning email and SEO marketing strategies.

#3 Product Marketing Manager

This specialist earns around $90 000 per year. To occupy this job, a laborer must have extensive knowledge about product marketing. Also, you should understand the target population and marketing strategies. Knowing how to advertise a new product effectively is a must. Yet no wonder that so many recruiting firms place value on one’s ability to persuade others.

Product marketing managers cooperate with other departments like advertising experts and SEO writers. To engage in product marketing as a new career field, learn the basics of business and management. Additionally, boost your career resources by learning SEO writing and marketing design.

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#4 Sales Manager

With online shopping on the rise, more businesses are hiring sales managers who can adapt companies to future market demands. A sales manager is a person whose duties are developing a sales strategy and predicting market trends. That’s why recruiters readily employ specialists who can bring more capital to the company and minimize the risks.

To build a career as a sales manager, writing a bot-beating resume is not enough. Having marketing skills is great. But you’ll also have to learn to build an effective virtual presence of a brand to ensure great online sales.

#5 State Broker

Yes, this profession requires marketing knowledge as well. Not traditionally listed as an online job in marketing, a state broker is still a good opportunity to consider. With new software appearing, a state broker can organize virtual property tours for clients.

How to become a state broker and earn $80 000 annually?

First, work on the development of your key skills. A state broker must be a versed communicator because they cooperate with people. Further, they must know how to deal with conflicts and persuade their clients.

Secondly, a state broker must explore the real estate market and apply law rules.

Hence, getting a degree in law, marketing, and brokerage is a great way to invest in your career.

The finishing touches – craft a winning resume or get professional help to beat the ATS bots.

#6 Public Relations Specialist

Not the most popular occupation to get the biggest number of applications. Once you scan the job market, you’ll see that this professional earns around $60 000 annually.

You can work remotely or in the office. As a public relations specialist, you’ll be responsible for the company’s public image. You’ll use social media and other channels to reach the target audience and promote the business.

To occupy this position, a potential candidate must have a profound knowledge of advertising and marketing techniques.

Further, send your job application and focus on your Skills section to beat the ATS system.

#7 Creative Director

The reason to consider this career is simple. If you’re creative and have a business degree, you have all chances to be employed as a creative director.

This professional is responsible for the creative vision of a product. Hence, the skills required for this profession are vast. Firstly, a candidate is supposed to have graphic skills to communicate their vision. Secondly, a hiring manager would employ an applicant with great communication skills.

The last aspect to focus on is your project management skills. Being a creative director demands strong organizational skills and time management. As a result, you might want to finish project management courses. By doing so, you’ll become a strong candidate for the job.


To make your hiring process flawless, build a stunning resume and apply for marketing jobs. The best well-paid positions require years of experience. However, with some luck and persuasion, you will nail it. Meanwhile, get your college degree, focus on career resources, and be ready for new prospects! Good luck!

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