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CloudBerry Backup Integrates With AWS Snowball

With the advent and the propagation of the cloud technology, there are more and more solutions appearing, which allow users to easily and, more importantly, safely backup their files and information to the cloud. Better yet is when services collaborate in order to make that experience even easier and enjoyable.

One of the leaders in cloud-based backup and file management services for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), CloudBerry Lab, has recently announced the integration of CloudBerry Backup Server Edition with AWS Snowball, Amazon’s appliance for efficient data transfer to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With this integration, all CloudBerry Lab customers can now take full advantage of cloud-based backup, without the annoyances and concerns like high network costs, long transfer times, privacy and security. This is possible with the use of AWS Snowball, a petabyte-scale data transport appliance that securely transfers large amounts of data into and out of AWS.

With CloudBerry Backup, SMBs can easily backup critical files and folders to the cloud storage vendor of their choice. This integration allows users to configure a backup plan that uploads their data to the Snowball box. Once the device is sent back to AWS and data is uploaded to Amazon S3, users will see the data online and be able to continue backup by uploading only increments (meaning that only new and changed data will be uploaded).

“Fueled by affordable bandwidth and capacity optimization technologies, cloud-based backup is becoming a popular alternative to portable backup media,” says Alexey Serkov, CTO at CloudBerry Lab. “However, depending on the total capacity of data, the first full backup can be time-consuming and cause problems for production systems. By integrating CloudBerry Backup with AWS Snowball CloudBerry Backup, we are validating our commitment to make backup as simple, resource- and time-efficient as possible for our customers.”

This integration is now already available in the CloudBerry Backup Server Edition version 4.8. The service is available for a $119.99 one-time cost, including one year of free maintenance and upgrades. After the first year, customers can pay 20 percent of the initial license cost for each additional year of maintenance and upgrades.

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