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How To Save Energy By Optimising Your Home With Smart Technology

Our technology is great! It has connected the world like never before and has prompted cultural and societal changes that simply wouldn’t have been possible a few decades ago – such as remote working. 

But in a world that is forever demanding more and more technology in our everyday lives, we look at our energy consumption bill and dread the utility bill at the end of the month. The inevitable downside of more technology is greater use of the electricity needed to power it all.

So today we are going to break down how to save energy by optimizing your home with smart technology. That can be smart tech you already own or smart tech you can own to help curb those costs.

Start With Your Computers

The computers of the household will always be a good place to start when thinking about energy conservation. They will use a fair deal of energy and if you work from home, this can really drive your energy bill up.

Chances are unless you have already configured your computer power settings, that it will be on a ‘Balanced Power Plan’ which can gobble up energy when you don’t really need as much as it takes.

If you only use your PC for work, such as using Word, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Chrome, and such, then switching your computer’s power plan to ‘Power Saver’ can help cut running costs and save energy. 

There are various ways to accomplish this but it is nothing a quick YouTube tutorial search can’t solve. And implementing this across all your household’s computers can help you save energy.

Replace Radiators

Now you don’t need to replace every radiator in the house, but the chances are that your radiators are a bit older than you’d like and old radiators aren’t terribly efficient with energy.

But the bathroom is a great place to start when replacing radiators. As this room is not in frequent use, it doesn’t need to be toasty warm all the time and when it does, you certainly don’t need an inefficient radiator trying its best to heat it. What’s the answer? Heated towel rails.

Heated towel rails are not only more efficient in using less energy, but they also tend to serve a better use from a utility standpoint too.

It is a genius way to cut power costs while keeping your home efficiently heated during those winter months. Trade radiators have an excellent range of heated towel rails to choose from, so their site is a good place to start. 

Install Fade Lights

Fade lights are a great way to control how much light your room has at any one time and allows you greater control over how much light you want. This means that if you are having a movie night, or are relaxing with the family, you can dim the lights and not have them blaring full blast.

It also means you only use your lights at full blast when you need to, ultimately saving not only energy but making your bulbs last longer.

It is a simple switch but one that gives you more control over your lighting and by extension your energy bill.

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