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How to Get A College Sports Scholarship?

If you are joining college or currently study and have an outstanding talent in sports, you are ahead of your mates in so many ways! You compete in sports, show off your talent to so many fans, and receive an athletic scholarship if you are lucky.

But truth be told – receiving such a scholarship will require you to travel a complicated and long path. In this guide, you will learn a few tips to help you get a college sports scholarship with ease. Keep reading to get the proven tips from writing essays for money experts, former college athletes with hands-on experience.

5 Tips for Getting a College Sports Scholarship

Do you need a college sports scholarship so much and aren’t sure where to start? You are at the right place.

Understand Your Skill

You will have a lot of challenges qualifying for a college sports scholarship if you are not aware of your skillset. The first thing to do is to know your matching division level. Understanding which level matches your skills can help you improve your chances of getting a scholarship. For instance, it is not advisable to start with NCAA Division 1 athletics as these are not for everyone. Look out for a third party to evaluate you so you can understand where you fit better.

Research Colleges

With a better understanding of your skillset and the matching Division level, your next task should be to look for the right college. The best way to find an appropriate school is by creating a list of attractive options. After identifying a couple of colleges, narrow down your search to the best one. In your filtering process, focus on diverse aspects such as the school’s culture, athletics, academics, and location.

Collect Enough Information

Now that you have your list of colleges ready, what’s next? Collect as much information about the college as possible. Even before getting in touch with the college coaches, having the correct information will increase your acceptance chances.

Gather all information together so you can create a killer athletic resume. For instance, create a short clip that highlights your skills and includes athletic statistics, academic transcripts, and SAT and ACT scores if you took them. With all this ready, the next phase is to find the coaches’ and coordinators’ contacts.

Reach Out to the Coaches

You have created your athletic resume; you have a list of potential colleges and contacts of coaches and coordinators. What’s remaining is the communication part. The best people to communicate your interest are the college coaches. You need to be very creative and detailed with your pitch because these individuals receive thousands of emails.

So, how do you stand out?

  • Your email should include everything there is to capture about your athletic abilities. Including a short clip of your skills here makes it even more captivating as the coach can evaluate your skills immediately.
  • Hook them with a killer subject line. Ensure that the subject line captures your current grade level, your position, name, and key sports stats. Something like this – Parmenas Kisengese, High School Sophomore, 90 MPH fastball, Pitcher.
  • Do send mass emails. Personalize each email by stating your interests in the specific program you are applying to join.

If you don’t get any response after applying, you can follow up after two weeks. A phone call would also be a great idea.

Evaluate Offers

After sending several pitches, you will likely get a couple of scholarship offers. Usually, these offers will be different in many aspects. So, it is up to you to start evaluating all the offers. The best way to ensure that you bag the best offer is by comparing the financial aid package you are getting from different colleges.

In some cases, a college may have a limited budget but will offer you merit-based or educational benefits as a substitute. Remember to consider all the benefits that come with each offer. This way, you will be able to determine what package works best for you.

Final Thoughts

As you prepare to seek a college sports scholarship, it is worth noting that different schools will have varying terms and conditions determining athletes’ eligibility. For this reason, ensuring that you gather enough information about your skills and the schools you are considering increases your chances of getting accepted. Additionally, understand your matching sports level, and evaluate your skills to be confident that you are going for something you are qualified in.

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